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2008 St. Louis Walk for Human Values
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oneThe three Sathya Sai Centers of St. Louis MO including Belleville Ill, Region 4, enjoyed a glorious, well-organized, and fun filled Sathya Sai Education in Human Values “Walk For Values” Parade And Picnic on Friday, 20 June 2008, in the city of St. Louis. About 400 children, teachers, and parents of SSE and community SSEHV participated, including the Sai Young Adults and members of the Sai Medical Camp team.

A Missouri State Senator served as the parade Grand Marshal. As he departed from the event (with an SSEHV Community Manual tucked under his arm), he expressed how deeply impressed he was with the harmony, cooperation, and joy displayed by the diverse group of children and the adults. This in itself is a great tribute to Swami’s Education Programs (SSE and SSEHV) and exemplifies His teachings!

twoThe highlight of the parade was a 23-feet long human values boat float with banners of human values as its sails. It was raining the morning of the parade, but the rain stopped as the boat was brought outdoors! The float sailed beautifully.

The highlight of the entertainment at the picnic was an Indian classical dance performed by a young Sai devotee. As a part of the children’s activities at the picnic, we had human values games, face painting, and other human values activities.



Sponsors for the event were:

threeNeighborhood Houses (they implemented community SSEHV over 6 years ago),

HealthCare USA,
St. Louis City Health Department,
Local PBS television station,
Salvation Army,
St. Louis City Art Museum
Youth Empowerment Services of the St. Louis City Youth Programs

Our Sai group partnered with Neighborhood Houses, the lead coordinator, for the Parade and Picnic. Neighborhood Houses is a social service organization that serves low income children, families, and this community at large at 7 seven city locations. The Walk for Values Parade and Picnic were held in the community they serve.

fourWe are so grateful to our beloved Swami for this joy filled event, which resulted in everyone going home with an incredible experience of Sai devotees and community people coming together to work on behalf of the children. The love and harmony felt when we all
walked together is indescribable.

We are grateful to all who provided help and support to make this event here in St. Louis a big success. The community feedback is almost overwhelming and we will do it again next year.



In loving Sai service,
Coordinating Team

The Significance of the Walk For Values Logo

logoEvery step counts!
This logo is rich in symbolism.

• The five toes represent the five universal values of truth, right conduct, peace, love, and nonvoiolence, which are in essence values without borders, transcending barriers of caste, class, country, and creed and offering, when they are practiced, the sweet promise of individual and social renewal.

• Shaped as a heart, the sole of the foot symbolizes love, the undercurrent of all human values and the core of our being.

• The heel of the walker's foot, drawn as a tear-drop, symbolizes the compassion that moves every human heart to serve and reach out to fellow beings and nature.