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International Choir Concert
Om Sai Ram

Here are pictures taken during the International Sai Choir concert on 21 November 2005.

We give both a web version of the pictures and zipped files of the pictures. The web-version prictures are too low a resolution for printing. The zipped files contain high-resolution pictures, which are suitable for printing. The zip files are large, and it is best to download them only if one has DSL or a cable modem --a telpehone modem is too slow for this.

Two of the groups of pictures are broken into TWO .zip files.

Click to see pics on the web Click to download .zip file
01. Decorations (3 pics) 01. Decorations (7.2MB)
02. Choir participants (25) 02. Choir participants (30.5MB)   (30.1MB)
02a. Delegate pictures (7) 02a. Delegate pictures (16MB)
03. Crowd shots (5) 03. Crowd shots (12.4MB)
04. Choir in action (30) 04. Choir in action (39.3MB)    (39.1MB)
04a. Choir in action (31) 04a. Choir in action ( 34.1MB)   (36.5MB)
05. People with Swami (11) 05. People with Swami (22.9MB)