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Public Meetings, 2004-2006

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Public meetings are generally two hours long and consist of two speakers and a video. The public meetings discuss Sathya Sai Baba's life, teachings, and humanitarian works.

Note: If you have information about a public meeting --either before the meeting or information about articles about a meeting after it takes place-- please email the webmaster of

Date Time Place Click for more info
  Mar 25   Guyana more information
  Mar 12 3:00PM Tokyo, Japan more information
  Feb 18 6:00PM Barbados more information

Completed meetings
Date Time Place Click for more info
  Dec 11 3:00PM Kobe, Japan more information  
  Oct 29 2:00PM Madrid, Spain more information  
  Oct 23 2:00PM St Andrews, Scotland more information  
  Oct 16 2:00PM Tenerife, Canary Islands more information  
  Oct 01 5:00PM Leicester, UK more information  
  Sep 29 3:00PM Brisbane, Australia more information  
  Sep 25 2:00PM Praha, Czech Republic more information  
  Sep 25 1:30PM Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK more information  
  Sep 11 2:00PM St. Louis, Missouri, USA
(Sathya Sai Baba Day in St. Louis)
more information   website
  Aug 13 6:30PM Rosario, Argentina more information
  Jul 31 2:00PM Chicago, Illinois, USA more information   website
  Jul 23 2:00PM Detroit, Michigan, USA more information   website
  Jul 03 2:00PM Plymouth, Devon, UK more information 
  Jul 02 5:00PM Wimbledon, London, UK more information 
  Jun 27 7:15PM Hong Kong more information
  Jun 26 5:00PM Ruislip, Middlesex, UK more information
  Jun 18 6:00PM Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina more information
  Jun 18 6:30PM Rosario, Argentina more information
  Jun 18   Harrow, North London, UK more information
  Jun 04 2:00PM Portland, Oregon, USA more information   website
  Jun 04 2:00PM Atlanta, Georgia, USA more information
  May 29 10:00AM Budapest, Hungary more information   website
  May 29 2:00PM Brisbane, Australia more information
  May 28 5:00PM Sofia, Bulgaria more information
  May 21   Bellinzona, Switzerland more information
  May 15 2:00PM Perth, Australia more information
  May 15 2:00PM Denver, Colorado, USA more information
  May 07 2:00PM East Horsley, UK more information
  May 01 1:00PM Adelaide, Australia more information
  Apr 30 2:00PM Antwerp-Merksem, Belgium more information
  Apr 28 7:30PM Nijmegen, The Netherlands more information
  Apr 27 7:30PM Amsterdam, The Netherlands more information
  Apr 23 2:00PM Austin, Texas, USA more information   website
  Apr 16 2:00PM Hartford, Connecticut, USA more information   website
  Apr 09 7:00PM Auckland, New Zealand more information
  Apr 02 1:00PM Sydney, Australia more information
  Mar 12 2:00PM Philadelphia, Penn, USA more information    
  Mar 05 2:00 Copenhagen, Denmark more information
  Feb 20 2:00PM Melbourne, Australia more information
  Jan 22 2:00PM Seattle, Washington, USA more information
2004     Sri Lanka (12 different meetings) more information
  Dec 5   Pescara, Italy more information
  Nov 28   Mexico City, Mexico more information
  Nov 23 7:00PM Skopje, Macedonia more information
  Nov 23 6:00PM Belgrade, Serbia more information
  Nov 21   Asunción, Paraguay more information
  Nov 21   Puerto au Prince, Haiti more information
  Nov 19   Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic  
  Nov 7 4:00PM Florianopolis, Brazil more information
  Nov 6 4:30PM Curitiba, Brazil more information
  Nov 6 4:00PM Salta, Argentina more information
  Nov 6 3:00PM San Francisco, CA, USA website    more information
  Nov 5 7:00PM Ponta Grossa, Brazil more information
  Oct 30 7:00PM San Salvador more information
  Oct 30 3:00PM San Diego, CA, USA website    more information
  Oct 30 6:00PM Trinidad more information
  Oct 29 5:30PM Guatemala City, Guatemala more information
  Oct 24 4:00PM La Serena, Chile Information on meeting
  Oct 23 4:00PM Santiago, Chile Information on meeting
  Oct 19 6:00PM Ciudad de Cucuta, Colombia Information on meeting
  Oct 9 6:30PM Montevideo, Uruguay information on meeting
  Oct 9 7:00PM Toronto, Canada information on meeting
  Sep 25 4:00PM Vancouver, Canada information on meeting
  Sep 25   Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina information on meeting
  Sep 18   La Vega, Dominican Republic  
  Sep 17 6:00PM Caracas, Venezuela information on meeting
  Sep 8 7:00PM Suva, Fiji Islands information on meeting
  Sep 4 10:30AM Belo Horizonte, Brazil information on meeting
  Sep 4   Salinas, Uruguay information on meeting
  Sep 4   Juan Lacaze, Uruguay information on meeting
  Aug 27   Grigiskes, Lithuania  
  Aug 21   Manila, Philippines  
  Aug 18   Accra, Ghana  
  Aug 14   San Juan, Puerto Rico  
  Aug 10 6:00PM Medellin, Colombia information on meeting
  Aug 9 7:00PM Bucaramanga, Colombia information on meeting
  Aug 8   Puerto au Prince, Haiti  
  Aug 8 10:00AM Bogota, Colombia information on meeting
  Aug 7   Santiago De Los Caballeros
Dominican Republic
information on meeting
  Aug 6   Lima, Peru information on meeting
  Aug 5   Cologne, Sri Lanka  
  Aug 4   Columbo, Sri Lanka  
  July 31   San Francisco de Macoris,
Dominican Republic
Information on meeting
  July 31 4:30PM Salinas, Uruguay Information on meeting
  June 26 2:30PM London, England Information on meeting
  June 24   Martin, Slovak Republic  
  June 19 3:00PM Cartago, Costa Rica information on meeting
  June 12 2:00PM New York, NY, USA information on meeting
  June 5 3:00PM Los Angeles, Cal, USA information on meeting
  June 4   Jaffna, Sri Lanka  
  June 4   Columbo, Sr Lanka  
  June 3 6:00PM Melo, Uruguay information on meeting
  May 30 9:00AM Singapore Information on meeting
  May 8 3:30PM Buenos Aires, Argentina information on meeting
  May 10 7:00PM South London, UK information on meeting
  Apr 24 6:00PM Minas, Uruguay information on meeting
  Apr 18 10:00AM Rome, Italy information on meeting
  Apr 11   Jakarta, Indonesia  
  Mar 13 7:30PM Fortaleza, Brazil Information on meeting
  Feb 8 2:00PM London, England Information on meeting