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News from Overseas Chairman

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Sairam to all of you. I have just had the good fortune to be in the Divine presence of Bhagawan Baba. The countenance of our beloved Swami was more radiant and beautiful than I have seen in years. His demeanour is more youthful and vital than I have seen in years. In this last week or two, in response to medical advice, Swami has been giving some rest to the leg that He had injured. That is all. This has resulted in a temporary change in the customary routine and schedule that Swami follows. As a result of this change, suddenly, rumours and speculations are rampant among us. A change in Swami's schedule, affording some rest to the physical form used by the Divine, should not result in our consternation or distress. Where is our faith? All of these years, Swami has followed a vigorous schedule and endured physical hardships that would be untenable for a man half His age. We have taken His miraculous feats for granted and ask for more. Let us now fully appreciate the good news. Swami is finally taking some rest, long overdue.

My dear brothers and sisters! We have been spiritually assured and secured by Him. Our beloved Lord, Bhagawan Baba has already informed of HIS DIVINE PLAN and the destiny of HIS DIVINE FORM. Let us have faith in Him. With love and prayers to our beloved Swami, I say

Jai Sai Ram.
Dr.Michael Goldstein
Overseas Chairman
Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations