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Sathya Sai Baba
Discourses in 2009

25 Dec. (Christmas) I am I, I am Atma.  html   pdf

22 Nov. (Convocation) Do good, see good, and be good.  html   pdf

27 Sept. (Dasara) Respect mother -- first and foremost.  html   pdf

02 Sept. (Onam) Develop qualities of humility and obedience besides morality in society. html   pdf

29 Aug. (Conference on Ethics and World Finance) Uphold ethics and morality always. html   pdf

25 Aug. (Vinayaka Chaturthi) The Formless assumesform to sustain morality. html    pdf

20 July. Realise Atma Thathwa by constant practice. html  pdf

07 July (Guru Purnima) Be exemplars of selfless service. html   pdf

06 July. (Guru Purnima) Love of God, fear of sin, and morality in society. html   pdf

29 Apr. Realise the principle of unity. html   pdf

03 Apr. Develop love and consider all as your brothers and sisters.  html   pdf

23 Feb. (Sivarathri). Install God on the altar of your heart and meditate on Him. html    pdf

21 Feb. Develop self-confidence to gain success in life. html   pdf

14 Jan. (Makara Sankranthi). Money comes and goes, but morality comes and grows.  html    pdf

01 Jan. (New Years). Know thyself! Then you will know everything.   html    pdf