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Sathya Sai Baba
Discourses in 2003

25 December. You yourself are God. (Christmas)   html   pdf

23 November. Mother's role in human values. (Birthday)   html   pdf

22 November. Convocation 2003. (Convocation)   html   pdf

28 October. Love is God, live in Love. (Vice Chancelor's Conference)   html   pdf

21 October. The Atma Tattwa is One in All.    html   pdf

20 October. The culture of Bharat.    html   pdf

17 October. Develop the spirit of brotherhood.    html   pdf

05 October. Give up dehabhimana, develop Atmabhimana. (Vijaya Dasmi)   html   pdf

19 August. God's birthplace is a pure heart. (Krishnashtami)   html   pdf

13 July. Cast off body attachment to develop Atmic consciousness. (Guru Purnima)   html   pdf

05 July. Spirit of sacrifice is the hallmark of a true doctor.  (Doctor's Day)  html   pdf

06 May. Love and respect your parents and sanctify your life (Easwaramma Day)    html   pdf

15 April. Practise and propagate our sacred culture (Vishu celebrations)   html   pdf

14 April. Chanting God's name --the royal path to liberation (Tamil New Year)    html   pdf

11 April. No title (Rama Navami)   html   pdf

02 April. Rise above body consciousness (Ugade)   html   pdf

16 March. Experience innate divinity to attain peace and happiness.   html   pdf

02 March (morning). Let unity be the undercurrent everywhere (Mahasivarathri)   html   pdf

01 March (evening). Experience of unity is real satsang (Mahasivarathri)   html   pdf

14 January, Dedicate your everything to God (Sankranthi)   html   pdf

01 January, Strive for unity, purity, and divinity (New Years)   html   pdf