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Clip Art

This Clip Art was created by Supriya Kharod of Texas, USA.

If you have Adobe Illustrator, click on "EPS" to obtain an EPS version that was created in Adobe Illustrator and can be read into it for further editing.

Clip on "gif" to see (and then save) a gif file that contains the image. This file can be made smaller or bigger, but too much resizing will end up in loss of accuracy. The gif versions should be OK for the web.

If you don't have Adobe Illustrator, perhaps you can use the large jpg-file version of each image. It should be resizable, but again, it is a rasterized version of the clip art and therefore resizing is bound to lose resolution.

If anyone has more clip art to donate, please email them to the webmaster.

Administration building gif (22K) eps (96K) jpg (196K)

Univ. PN campus gif (12K) eps (1MB) jpg (672) Buddha gif (4K) eps (156K) jpg (640)
Dhamakshetra gif (16K) eps(332K) jpg (704K) Eternal heritage bldg gif (8K) eps (816K) jpg (644K) golden chariot gif (8K) eps (156K) jpg (656K)
Banglore SSSIHM gif (12K) eps (728K) jpg (676K) Planetarium gif (28K) eps (228) jpg (752) Stupa gif (8K) eps (164K) jpg (660K)
    Silhouette gif (4K) eps (120K) jpg (28K)