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Eswaramma Day

eswarammaThe mother is man's first preceptor (guru). She gives him the physical body. Besides, she gives the father to man. She alone can point the father to the child and draw his love and care toward it. The mother bears, fosters, and molds the child into humanness, so gratitude is due to her first and foremost.

My life is My Message. So I am setting an example of reverence to the Mother. Nature is the mother in whose lap mankind grows. And nature fondles the child and says, "Child (babu), that is your father, see." Though Mother Nature draws attention to God, but the children seldom pay heed. How can they, who do not love the mother that fosters them with affection and zeal, adore the Master of Nature?

This day is Eswaramma Day. The significance of the day is that it is celebrated as Children's Day, a day when little children are to be reminded of the ideal, a day when she presented an ideal. No one can escape death, but the aim of everyone should be to remind oneself of the Divine at the time of death or have some holy or sacred thoughts. The importance of this day is known to many. Kasturi just spoke about it. There is a saying in Telugu, "The proof of the Good is the way they die." Genuine devotion is evidenced during the last moments. I shall point out a small incident concerning the goodness of Eswaramma.

The summer classes were on at Bangalore. In the morning at 7, breakfast had to be served to the students. They went round singing spiritual songs in the streets (nagara sankeerthan) and returned at 6. I gave them darshan (sight of a holy person) at its close. Then, I went for my bath. Meanwhile, Eswaramma had finished her bath; she drank her coffee as usual, quite happily, and took her seat on the inner verandah. All of a sudden, proceeding to the bathroom, she cried out, "Swami, Swami, Swami," thrice. I responded, "Coming, coming." Within that period, she breathed her last. What greater sign of goodness is needed? She had no need to be served and nursed. Swami will come to the memory at that time only for a very few. The mind will usually seek and stay on some object or the other, some jewellery or valuables.

From the ground floor, she called, "Swami! Swami!". I replied, "Coming, coming," and she was gone. It was like the elephant's calling and the Lord proceeding to bless it -- the two wires achieving connection, the release happening instantaneously.

This is the authentic consummation for which life must strive. Beside her at the time was her daughter Venkamma and her grand daughter Shailaja, but she called out only for Swami. Getting this yearning at the final moment is the fruit of holy purity. It is the sign of an ideal adorable life.

Divine Discourse: 6 May, 1983
[Source: Sathya Sai Speaks Vol XVI pp 60-62]

Love for mother has to be fostered by everyone. Barely one in a million realizes that he owes food, blood, and life itself to the mother. Wherever she may be, a mother is verily divine. It is said, "Regard the mother as God, the father as God, the preceptor as God and the guest as God (Matru Devo Bhava; Pitru Devo Bhava; Acharya Devo Bhava; Athithi Devo Bhava)." The mother stands foremost among these four. She is indeed the first teacher for everyone. Only the mother strives most for securing the well being of the child by showering on him boundless affection and love and showing him the father.

Everyone should treasure in their heart love for their mother, who has borne them, reared them with love, and fostered them with care. The person who forfeits their mother's love will not earn anyone's love.

Every man is prone to commit mistakes, either wittingly or unwittingly. But one mistake he should not commit in any circumstance is to forget what he owes to his mother. Love of a mother can redeem a man's life, whatever his other lapses may be. The greatest gift of the parents is the body with all its powers. Although the Lord rules over all lives, it is the parents who have endowed the body to the child. Clay and water are the gifts of nature. But it is the potter who makes the pots out of them. Hence gratitude to parents is a primary obligation.

Everyone should strive to make his mother happy. He should seek from the mother nothing but her love and blessings. Mothers should strive to keep their children on the straight path. Only such mothers and children are worthy of the name. When mothers and children act properly, the nation will develop along the right lines. Righteousness will spread from the family to the whole world.

Divine Discourse:
[Source: Sathya Sai Speaks Vol XX pp 76-81]

Every person, man or woman, should respect the parents, install the Divine in the heart, and pray to God constantly. Its is everyone's duty to bring a good name to one's parents. When the children are good, they bring a good name to the parents. It was because of the noble behaviour of Lava and Kusa that their mother Seetha became renowned. When you cherish the mother and seek God's grace, the blessings of the mother becomes more powerful.

Children should revere their parents, who account for their physical existence. But they should realize what they owe to God, who is the basis of all life. Recognizing this double obligation --to the mothers and to the Divine-- they should redeem their lives by purposeful living.

Divine Discourse: 6 May 1997