To Hislop With Blessings

My Dear! You will find it deep within yourself. Think it many times, ponder it, it tells you about your true nature, it gives you hope, it gives you new life, it points the way, it proves to you that God is within you and you are not man, man is GOD. It shows you that it is possible for you to realize God (Swamiji) but you and you alone must ponder this work deeply, you will find that you will begin to know what is meant by the statement: “the Self” cannot be explained, the mind knows of its existence, “the Self-God” is within man, you are that Self, all else is illusion of the mind’s creation, the mind that creates, preserves, and destroys.

My Love! The great joy, the subtlety of the bliss, that you will feel, as you come closer and closer to your Real Self; if you strive to find your self by using your mind, you will strive and strive in vain. Because the mind, cannot give you the truth; a lie cannot give you the truth; a lie can only entangle you in a web of deceit, but if you sensitize yourself, awaken your true, fine, beautiful qualities.

Above you – nothing. Below you – nothing, to the right of you or to the left of you – nothing; and dissolve yourself into that nothingness, that would be the best way you could explain the realization of the Self and yet that nothingness would not be the absence of something like the nothingness. That nothingness is the fullness of everything, the power of the existence of that appears to be everything.


Q: How do you “ponder deeply” that “God is within you and you are not man, and man is GOD”?

Q: When have you had glimpses of “the great joy, the subtlety of the bliss” as you are coming “closer and closer to your Real Self”?