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thaamasik. Adjective form of thamas, dull, ignorant, passive.

thaamasika-maarga. Path of dullness, ignorance, passivity.

thaanthrik. Relating to thanthra.

thaijas. Splendid, luminous (from thejas).

thamas. Dullness, ignorance, delusion, inactivity, inertia, sloth. Associated with colour black. See guna.

thamasah parasthaath. Beyond the realm of darkness.

thamoguna. Quality of dullness, ignorance, delusion, inactivity, inertia, sloth. Associated with colour black. See guna.

thanmanas. Turning mind to God, seeing Him in every being.

thanthra. Means and methods of utilizing the manthras for one's own good.

thapas. Concentrated spiritual exercises to attain God; penance, austerities.

thapasvi. Ascetic.

thapovana. Sacred grove in which religious austerities are practised, hermitage.

thapoyajna. Ascetic sacrifice.

tharka. Philosophical system based on reasoning or logic.

Thath. That, the Godhead.

thathastha. Derivative.

thath-bhaktha. Profound devotion and love to Him.

Thatthva. Principle, truth, essence. That-this entity. Thatthva is regarded as made up of That (Thath) and you (thvam).

Thatthvamasi. You are That. One of four great statements expressing the non-difference of individual soul with Brahman, the supreme absolute Self, in Vedhaanthik philosophy.

thatthva-vith. Knower of Reality, That.

thavaiva-aham. I am Thine.

theertham. Sacred bathing place, sacred river spot.

thejas (tejas). Spiritual power, splendour.

thejo-ruupam. Effulgent form.

thitheekshaa. Fortitude, forbearance.

thitthiri. Partridge.

thra. Protecting.

Threthaa-yuga. The second in the cycle of four eras or yugas.

thri-karanas. Three instruments: thought (mind), word (mouth), and deed (hand).

thri-muurthi. Three forms, the trinity Brahma (the Creator), Vishnu (the Preserver), Shiva (the Destroyer).

Thrivikrama. Three steps.

thrupthi. Contentment.

thulasi. Sacred medicinal plant.

thureeya. "Beyond" stage in samaadhi; fourth stage beyond waking, dream, and deep sleep. Superconscious state.

thvam. Thou, You, This, the individual.

thvam-eva-aham. I am Thou alone.

thyaaga. Sacrifice, renunciation.

thyaaga-kshethra. Abode or field of sacrifice.

thyaagi. Renunciant.

trishuula. Trident of Shiva.

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udhaana. Breath that moves upward from the throat.

udhaaseena-bhaava. Stage of disinterestedness, equanimity.

upa. Near.

upaadhaana. Proximate or material basis.

upaadhaana kaarana. Material cause.

upaadhi. Container, disguise, encasement.

upaasaka. Worshiper.

upaasana. Worship, devotion, meditation practice, acquisition of the presence of the Lord.

upanaayana. Sacred thread ceremony in which a boy is initiated with a sacred thread and is then qualified to learn Vedhas.

Upanishadhik. Relating to the Upanishaths.

uparathi. Control of mind by withdrawal of senses.

usha. Dawn, early morning.

uthsaaha. Enthusiasm.

uttharaayana. Northward path of the sun.

Utthara Meemaamsa. Later Meemaamsa Vedhaanthik philosophy, as distinguished from earlier Meemaamsa, which concerned itself with rituals.

uurdhva. Above, higher.

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vaahana. Vehicle.

vaahini. Stream, flow.

vaak. Word of mouth.

vaanaprastha. Forest-dweller, hermit; third of the four stages of life.

vaanara. Monkey.

vaasana. Inclination, impression of any thing remaining in the subconscious mind from past action.

vaayu (vayu). Wind, air.

vaidik (vaidic). Drawn from the Vedhas or scriptural injunctions.

vairaagi. Monk; renunciant.

vairaagya. Detachment, renunciation.

Vaishaakha. One of the 12 months constituting the Hindhu lunar year (April-May).

Vaisheshika. Later school of Nyaaya philosophy founded by Kanaadha.

vaishnavite. Worshiper of Vishnu.

vaishya. Business person, trader, merchant; one of the four castes.

vajra. Thunderbolt, esp. that of Indhra, formed from the bones of sage Dhadheechi.

vajra-asthra. Thunderbolt, esp. of Indhra, shaped like a circular discus.

valli. Section.

vanik. Merchant, trader.

varchaska. A person with splendour, brightness, power.

varna. Caste.

varna-dharma. Dharma of any caste or tribe.

varuna. Water, rain.

Vedhaantha. The doctrine of either pure non-dualism, i.e. the identity of Brahman and the Aathma, or conditioned non-dualism; the end or bottom line of the Vedhas, which declares this doctrine.

vedhaanthik. Of or pertaining to Vedhaantha.

vedhaanthin. Knower of Vedhaantha.

Vedhamaatha. The mother that is the Vedha.

Vedha-vidhya. Knowledge of the Vedhas.

vedha-vith. One who has mastered the Vedhas.

Vedhik. Of or pertaining to the Vedhas.

veerashaiva-upaasana. Exclusive Shiva worship.

vibhuushana. Ornament, shining jewel.

vibhuuthi. Holy ash.

vichaara. Inquiry, analysis and reflection of the nature of the Self or truth.

vichaarana. Inquiry, analysis.

vichakshana. Discriminating intellect.

vidhvaan. Wise person.

vidhyaa (vidya). Spiritual education, spiritual knowledge, learning, that which illumines, that which gives light, supreme teaching.

vidhya-maaya. Knowledge-based illusion.

vihaara (vihara). Activity, recreation.

vijaya. Victory.

vijnaana. Highest intellect; discriminating faculty of the intellect.

vijnaana-maya kosha. Body sheath of intellect.

vijnaani. Scientist; wise person; one who has developed and correctly applied spiritual power.

vikaasa. Expansion, blooming state; illuminating.

vikalpa. Negativity, indecisiveness.

vikarma. Wrong action.

vimaana. Vehicle capable of flying into space.

vinaasha. Destruction.

vinaya. Modest conduct, discretion, humility.

visha. Poison.

vishaadha. Despondency.

Vishalyakarini. Remedy for a particular disease.

vishaya. Object and perception.

vishaya-karma. Acts that bind, sensory acts.

vishishta-adhvaitha. Qualified nondualism. The doctrine that the spirits of men have a qualified or partial identity with God.

Vishnu-maaya. Illusory power of God.

vishva-guru. Teacher of all beings.

Vishvakarman. Architect of the Gods.

vishva-ruupa. Cosmic form, form of creation.

vittha-apahaari. Stealer of wealth.

viveka. Discrimination.

vi-yoga. Separation.

vratha. Oath; discipline of worship.

vriddhi. Growth, prosperity.

Vrisha-rathah. He whose chariot is the bull.

vritthi. Occupation.

vyaadhi. Illness.

vyaana. One of five vital airs, that which is diffused throughout the whole body.

vyakthi. Individual.

vyashti. Individual object, part of whole.

vyavahara. Change, worldly activity.

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yaaga. Oblation, sacrifice, ceremony in which oblations are presented.

yajna. Holy ritual, sacrifice, or rite. Also, personification of rite (when capitalized).

yajnaanga. Having the Vedhik rituals as one's limbs.

yajna-vaahana. Having the Vedhik rituals as one's vehicle.

yama. Control of inner senses.

yanthra. Mechanics; instrument.

yashas. Fame.

yoga. (a) Union of individual self or Aathma with the Supreme Being or Universal Self; act of yoking. (b) Spiritual discipline or exercise aimed at control of the senses. (c) Science of divine communion. (d) self control. No single definition of yoga suffices. Pathaanjali's Yogasuuthras define yoga as a series of eight spiritual steps leading to union with God.

yogaasanas. Yoga postures.

yoga-buddhi. Yoga of intelligence, purified intellect.

yoga-kshema. Welfare, well-being, happiness.

yoga-kshethra. Abode or state or field of yoga.

yoga-maarga. Path of yoga.

yoga-shaasthra. Scripture or science that deals with yoga, esp. by Patanjali.

yoga-yajna. The practice of yogik discipline as a sacrificial act.

yogeshvara. Master of yoga.

yogi. One who practices yoga.

yoginee. Female ascetic or yogi.

yogeshvara. Master of yoga.

yojana. Distance of about 9 miles or 14.4 kilometers. (Some calculations say 2.5 miles, 4 miles, or 5 miles.)

yuga. Era or age. There is a cycle of four yugas: Kritha, Threthaa, Dhvaapara, and Kali. Together, the four yugas comprise 4,320,000 years. The present age is the Kali-yuga.

yuktha. Proven, inferred.

yukthi. Faculty of reason, inference, deduction.

yuvaraaja. Heir apparent; crown-prince.

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