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Michael G. Goldstein, MD

Pre-World Conference Introduction and Agenda


Conference theme
The Sai Ideal
Preconference Agenda

9 discourses: doc   pdf
Concordance for "God is": doc  pdf
Concordance for "I am I":  doc  pdf
Concordance for "Love All Serve All" : doc  pdf
Introduction and Agenda: doc pdf
Study Circle Guidelines: doc   pdf

All files zipped together: zip

This material may be used for preparation for pilgrimages and also for study circles in Sai Centers for those who are not attending the pre-world conferences and pilgrimages.



Conference Theme:
The Sai Ideal: “God Is!”, “I Am I!”, “Love All, Serve All!”

The Agenda of our Conference, offered with humility and love at the Divine Lotus Feet of our Lord, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, is to study what He has communicated to us regarding the spiritual nature and purpose of these human lives that we have been given.

The Lord has said that we are not these bodies, not these minds, rather we are Divinity encased in human form. We seek to comprehend His Teachings and transform ourselves into vehicles of His Divine Love, which is our real essence and the purpose of these human lives.

Heretofore, we have conducted Conferences on Sai Ideal Education, Sai Ideal Healthcare, and Sai Ideal Youth, which have been uplifting and helpful. All of these aspects and institutions of human society are important and should be understood with a spiritual perspective. However, more important than all social institutions and society itself is understanding the divine nature of human life. We are, in fact, embodiments of Divinity.

We must understand what this means and how we should conduct these human lives. Then all else will fall into place, all else will be as it should be. All else will be a function of His Divine Will and not a result of our worldly aspirations and desires.

Ideal is perfection. Perfection is Divinity. In order to realize perfection we require knowledge of who we are and why we are. We have to understand the spiritual basis of human life and act accordingly.

Hence, the theme of our Conference: “God Is!” “I Am I!” Love All, Serve All!”

This is the Sai Ideal.


The Sai Ideal

“God Is!”  “I Am I!”  “Love All, Serve All!”

“God Is!” saith Our Lord, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

(1) God is all pervasive, eternal consciousness from which creation has emanated.

(2) God is Divine Reality; He has given Divine knowledge of Himself to mankind.

(3) How has He given this knowledge?

(a) He is giving divine knowledge now through the advent of our Beloved, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the Avatar of the Kali Yuga, through His Teachings, His Works, and the inspiration of His Divine Presence among us.

(b) He has given divine knowledge through the inspiration derived from His prior divine incarnations.

(c) He has given divine knowledge through the inspirations derived from the lives and teachings of the great saints and sages throughout the ages.

(d) He has given divine knowledge through the scriptures of all of the worlds’ religions throughout the history of mankind.

(e) He has given divine knowledge directly through the spiritual inspiration, transformation, and, ultimately, self-realization of men and women throughout the ages.

Let us behold in awe and be inspired by the qualities and powers of divinity: Sathyam, Sivam, Sundaram and Omnipresence, Omniscience, Omnipotence.

He is without limitation of any kind. “God Is!” By His Grace, let us strive to conceive the inconceivable.

“I Am I” saith Our Lord, Bhagavan SriSathya Sai Baba

(1) I Am Not Me.

(2) I Am Selfless Love.
I Am Not Selfish thoughts, desires, egoistic aspirations

(3) I am divine.
I am not a passing cloud nor am I a transient object in a phantasmagoria without substance or significance.

(4) I am a special manifestation of divinity within creation with the capacity to realize the divine origin and nature of Myself and My fellow human beings.

(5) “I am I” identifies each and every one of us. We are divinity encased in human form. Swami tells us to remember, “I am not this body, I am not this mind, I am I.”

By His Grace, let us put aside the drama of self deception and realize the serenity of self realization. “I am I!”

“God Is!”  “I am I!”  “Love All, Serve All!”

Let us understand. Let us realize and be transformed. Let us act as instruments of Divine Will.

“Love All, Serve All” saith Our Lord, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

(1) This is the Divine Commandment. It is what the manifestation of divinity, namely us, mankind, should do in this world.

(2) The Lord says, “Love All and Serve All”

(3) He says, “All are one, be alike to everyone!”

(4) He says that He has come to light the lamps of love in the spiritual hearts of mankind.

(5) He says that our lives are His Message. Therefore we must love and inspire love.


(1) Let us focus on the Sai Ideal: “God Is!”  “I am I!”  “Love All, Serve All!”

(2) Let us understand and realize the Sai Ideal within ourselves. Let us be transformed by the Sai Ideal and become instruments of Divine Will.

Lovingly, In the Service of Sai,

Michael G. Goldstein, MD


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Prior “Sai Ideal” Conferences: Sai Ideal Education, Sai Ideal Healthcare were concerned with institutions of society. We considered mundane matters. We listened to people with knowledge and skill in their respective disciplines.

Now, the matter at hand is ourselves, our Divine Selves. How to see and be, how to love selflessly and inspire, how to fulfill the Divine Purpose of these Human lives and realize our Divine Heritage. We must look inward.

The Concordance of Swami’s Divine Pronouncements and 9 discourses on the Pre-World Conference theme (God Is, I Am I, Love All, Serve All) are attached. They can also be found along with this Introduction and Agenda on the International Website: under Pre-world Conferences: The Sai Ideal.

(1) “God Is” defines Divine Creation.

(2) “I am I” defines our role in Divine Creation, our Divine Nature.

(3) “Love All, Serve All” defines what we must do in order to realize and fulfill our role in Creation, our Divine Duty.

These are the spiritual principles that comprise the basis of this spiritual conference.

Sai Ideal Human Life and Sai Ideal Spiritual Organization are the topics to be considered. We must go within, contemplate what Swami has said regarding Divine Creation, Divine Purpose of Human Life, and Divine Duty. We must look inward.

Pre-requisite: Read the attached Concordance and 9 Discourses on the Spiritual Principles enunciated by Swami: “God Is!”, “I Am I!”, “Love All, Serve All!”

Requisite: Be present with open mind and pure heart.

Study Circles:

We will use Study Circle format for discussion. It is most conducive to inner spiritual experience for all participants. We will all become facets of the diamond and contribute to the luster of love and wisdom that will ensue. The study circles will be conducted centered on the Spiritual Principles:  “God Is!”, “I Am I!”, and “Love All, Serve All!” in the context of Sai Ideal Human Life on day one, Saturday, and Sai Ideal Spiritual Organizaton on day two, Sunday. We will follow the International Guidelines for Study Circles posted on under: “Pre-World Conferences: The Sai Ideal.”

One moderator and two recorders for each study circle will be chosen prior to the conference by Zone Chairs conferring with Central Coordinators and Presidents of Central Councils. Delegates will be divided into groups, not to exceed 25, if possible, for each study circle. Thus, if there are 500 delegates, there would be 20 study circles consisting of 25 participants taking place simultaneously. The number of participants in each study circle will depend on the total number of delegates and should range from at least 10 to not more than 25, if possible.

The Study Circles will commence with Omkar. Then each moderator will introduce very briefly the three mahavakyas (God Is, I am I, and Love All, Serve All), making reference to the Concordance and Discourses of Swami’s Words on these Spiritual Principles which you have received. This will be followed by 5 minutes of silent contemplation of the Spiritual Principles, concluding with Omkar-Shanti. The moderator will then commence the study circle.




9:00 AM – 9:20 AM
Lighting of the lamp
Opening Prayer
Devotional Singing

9:20 AM – 9:40 AM
Welcoming Remarks:
(1) President Central Council of host country
(2) Zone Chair: Welcome and introduction of speakers

9:40 AM – 10:25 AM
Talk by Dr. Narendra Reddy

20-Minute Break

10:45 AM – 12:00 NOON
Talk by Dr. Michael Goldstein, with Q&A
12:00 NOON – 1:00 PM


1:00 PM ‒ 2:45 PM 
In the context of “God Is!”, “I Am I!”, and “Love All, Serve All!”, the study circles will consider:

(1) Incorporate into our daily routines the consistent practice of Sai Teachings

(2) Reflect upon what it means to turn inward

Who am I?
My view of myself

How am I?
Scrutiny of my thoughts, words, deeds, my interaction with other people and the outside world

(3) Reflect on what it means to see God in oneself and in others

(4) Reflect on Selflessness, Selfless Love, Selfless Service

(5) Applying the Three Spiritual Principles to various aspects of our lives:

(a) Family
(b) Education
(c) Profession/Occupation
(d) Being a Sai devotee/Faith/Religion/Spirituality

(6) The Six Cardinal Enemies ‒- How we prevail

(7) Spiritual practices vs Practicing spirituality

(8) Other important spiritual questions and considerations can be brought forth by the moderator and members of the study circle

(9) Recommendations for Sai World Conference IX, November 2010

2:45 PM ‒ 3:00 PM  BREAK

3:00 PM ‒ 5:00 PM
(1) Panel Discussion by Study Circle Moderators
(2) Study Circle moderators report on their Study Circle
(3) Discussion among panel members as time permits

5:00 PM  ARATI




Opening Prayer
Devotional Singing

8:45AM – 10:15 AM

(1) Application of Principles, Authenticity, Accountability, and Practice what we preach in every function of organization

(2) Programs

(a) Devotion
(b) Education
(c) Service
(d) Young adult programs

(3) Structure and Function of Organization

(a) The Sai Center: Spirit, Function, Goal
(b) Leadership in a spiritual Organization
(c) Rules
(d) Finance

(4) Satsang

(5) Other important Sai Organization spiritual questions, considerations can be brought forth by the moderator and/or members of the study circle.

(6) Recommendations for Sai World Conference IX, November, 2010 and beyond

15-Minute Break

10:30 AM ‒ 12:00 NOON
(1) Panel Discussion by Study Circle Moderators
(2) Study Circle moderators report on their Study Circle
(3) Discussion among panel members as time permits

12:00 NOON  – 12:15 PM
Closing remarks by Dr. Michael Goldstein