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8th World Conference First Report
Bhagavan's Divine Message

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has said, “Start the day with Love, Spend the day with Love, Fill the day with Love, End the day with Love, this is the way to God.”

If we begin our spiritual journey guided by His Words, adhering to His Words in all aspects of our human lives, selflessly loving and selflessly serving as taught by Him, then surely we will fulfill the divine destiny that belongs to each and everyone of us.

Let us begin our contemplation of the Proceedings of the 8th World Conference with the Divine Messages of our Beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba that He so graciously gave to us during the period of the 80th Birthday Celebrations and the 8th World Conference of Sri Sathya Sai Organizations.


November 19, 2005

1. Unity in Diversity

We distinguish and differentiate between ladies and gents on the basis of upadhi (vesture) or physical form. However, the principle of Brahman present in ladies and gents is one and the same. Sarvam khalvidam Brahma (verily all this is Brahman). God transcends names, forms and attributes. He is infinite and not limited to a particular form.

2. Avatar

In response to the prayers of sages and seers, God comes down in human form. He strives for the welfare of humanity and bestows joy on one and all. One has to develop inward vision in order to experience Him.

3. GOD as Director and Actor

Easwarah sarva bhutanam (God is the indweller of all beings). In this cosmic drama, God alone is the director and also the actor. He is donning all the roles such as mother, father, husband, wife, daughter, son, etc.


Whatever you see around is also the manifestation of God. Even the small birds that you see here are endowed with the principle of Divinity. There is no place which is not pervaded with Divinity. There is no form that is not divine.

5. Accept God's Will

Whatever may happen, accept it wholeheartedly as the Will of God. Have firm faith that it is God and God alone who is the doer. Do not consider your fellow human beings as mere individuals. When you talk to someone, think that you are talking to God. When you do not see God in others and treat them as your own, you will be giving room to evil qualities like anger, jealousy, hatred, etc. Develop the spirit of oneness. Only then will your life be redeemed.

6. Selfless Desire

Whenever anyone expresses a truly selfless desire, Swami will surely fulfill it. Mother Eshwarama is an example of this. She prayed to have a primary school in Puttaparthi which was fulfilled as a complex of educational institutions ranging from a primary school to a prestigious university. She wanted a small clinic for the patients and now there are full-fledged Super-specialty hospitals. She asked for a drinking water well for the village; now there is a mammoth project providing free drinking water to thousands of villages. (One attains merit by helping others and commits sin by hurting them.) Help Ever, Hurt Never. Hence, always strive to help everybody. Selfishness is an evil. Fish is better than “selfish”.

7. Totally Depend on God and See God Everywhere

If you depend on God, He will turn the minds of people in your favor. God is everything. Victory is secured only when you totally depend on God's Grace. Here again your prayers to God should not be for selfish reasons. Wherever you look, God is present. From stars to hillocks, from insects to elephants, everything is pervaded by Brahman. Fill your heart with Divine feelings.

8. Live in Love

Love is God. Live in Love. Love should not be tainted with narrow feelings of I and mine. Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you. Consider Love as your very life-breath. Grow in Love. Be broadminded and share your Love with everybody. This is what I call 'Expansion Love' as contrasted with 'Contraction Love'.


November 22, 2005


1. Purpose of Education

There is a purpose and goal for education; that is truth. In fact, spiritual education is the only true education, which will recognize the existence of God everywhere. “The end of education is character.” Devoid of character, all other possessions are useless. Unfortunately, today character-building has been relegated to the background. Modern education may help one to gain control over men and matters, but it utterly fails in uplifting one's own self. The harmony between thought, word, and deed is of utmost importance. Education should enable one to cultivate good qualities, character and devotion. When there is Unity between thought, word, and deed, one can acquire Purity and realize Divinity. Modern education is totally self-centered. Wherever you see, selfishness is rampant. Contrary to it, true education teaches selflessness. Truth and righteousness form the foundation for character. As the saying goes, Sathyannaasti paro Dharmah (There is no dharma greater than adherence to truth). The mansion of righteousness rests on the foundation of truth.

2. How to Get Peace

When truth and righteousness go together, Love manifests itself. There can be no peace without truth, righteousness and Love. If only one has peace of mind, one can be happy in the world and will have no troubles at all. Peace is something which cannot be purchased in a market. It depends upon one's attitude to life and living. Hence one has to cultivate ekatma bhava (feeling of oneness). If this ekatma bhava is developed, one can move about freely in the world with no attachment to any particular individual or object.

3. People, Places and Things

Man's behavior is influenced by sthanabala (power of the place) and association with people as well as the company of books. One's association with a particular place also has its effect on one's behavior. That is what is called sthanabala. Youngsters often move in bad company and cultivate bad qualities. This is not correct. They should always make friendship with good people and emulate their qualities. One has to read good books that will bring about a transformation of heart and uplift the soul. You often find youngsters going to the library and engaged in deep study. What sort of books do they study? They read bad books camouflaged in a good cover.

4. Real Guru

Love all. In fact, Love is the most important aspect of education. One who teaches the method by which man can cultivate selfless and universal Love is the real Guru.


November 23, 2005

1. Equanimity

Human birth is meant to attain peace and not for occupying positions of authority. One may have all types of wealth and comforts but bereft of peace life itself has no meaning. Everyone has to experience ups and downs in life, but they are like passing clouds. Difficulties are a part of life. None can escape them. Hence, one has to treat happiness and sorrow with equanimity. There is pleasure in pain and vice versa. One should not be elated by pleasure nor depressed by pain. We have to develop the spirit of equanimity in order to progress in life.

2. “Who Am I”

How can one attain peace of mind? It is possible only when one realizes his innate Divinity. Why are we not able to experience peace? Where does the mistake lie? We go on enquiring others, “Who are you?” But, we do not make an effort to enquire into ourselves, “Who am I?” There lies the mistake. Once we realize who we really are, we will be free from sorrows and difficulties forever. Hence, first and foremost, we should make efforts to realize our true identity. What is the use of knowing everything without being aware of the Self?

3. Live in Atmic Awareness

Lord Vishnu told Narada, “I have to assume the form of a human in order to move among men and protect the world. I am present in everyone in the form of Atma. When man constantly contemplates on the principle of Atma, I manifest Myself to him.” The same divine principle of Atma is present in all. One who realizes this truth experiences the all-pervasive Divinity. You are God and your fellow human being is also God. Develop such principle of oneness and equality. Who are you? You think you are the body. But, you are neither the body nor the mind. The human body is like a water bubble and mind is like a mad monkey. Mind is nothing but a bundle of desires. One day or the other you have to give up all desires. Hence, do not identify yourself with the mind. Give up body consciousness and live in the constant awareness that you are God. There is no point in merely worshipping idols if you do not realize your innate Divinity. Everyone must respect and revere the principle of the Atma within.

4. Give up Desires

You are deluded because of your materialistic outlook. You have to change your vision. Do not expect God to change the creation. He has given you everything in its pristine form. But, you are polluting it because of your selfish desires. Your heart is naturally pure and sacred but you are deluded by the clouds of desires. Just as the sun and the moon are not visible to us when they are covered by the clouds, we are unable to visualize our reality because of our desires. Man is ruining his life because of his bad habits. He should lead a life of righteousness. Do not give undue importance to food and drink. Consider character as your very life-breath. If you lack character, you will have to face innumerable difficulties in life. You should contemplate on one name and one form till your last breath without changing like a weather cock. You should remain unperturbed by difficulties and lead a spiritual life.

5. Pray Only  for Divine Love

Everything is in My hand. I can give you whatever you ask for. However, do not crave for materialistic things from Me. They are transient, like passing clouds. Ask for that which is eternal. The entire world is sustained by the twin principles of truth and Love. They are present in everyone. I am the truth that is present in all. I am the Love that is present in all. Truth and Love are all-pervasive. You may forget anything in life but not truth and Love. Bereft of truth and Love one does not deserve to be called a human being at all! Having come here and listened to My message, you should practice truth and Love in your daily life. Only that will make Me very happy. Consider whatever work you do as God's work. See God everywhere. I will be happy when you develop such divine feelings.