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8th World Conference
First Report

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Bhagawan’s Divine Message

Opening Session
   Sri Indulal Shah
   Sri V. Srinivasan
   Dr. Michael Goldstein
   Mr. Leonardo Gutter

Second Session
   Dr. Narendra Reddy
   Prof. Anil Kumar
   Air Chief Marshall N.C. Suri

Third Session
  Mr. Shitu Chudasama
  Panel Discussion

Fourth session
  Panel Discussion
  Sri B N Narasimha Murthy
  Dr.Michael Goldstein

The 8th World Conference of the Sri Sathya Sai Organizations took place in Prasanthi Nilayam on 20-21 November 2005. The Conference was inaugurated by Sathya Sai Baba in Sai Kulwant Hall.

pictures of the conference

There followed speeches by Sri Indulal Shah, Sri V. Srinivasan, Dr. Michael Goldstein, and Mr. Leonardo Gutter.

The rest of the Conference took place in a tent big enough to hold the 3,000 devotees, moderated by Prof. David Gries. There were talks by Dr. Narendra Reddy, Prof. Anil Kumar, Retired Air Chief Marshall N.C. Suri, Mr. Shitu Chudasama, and Sri B N Narasimha Murthy.

Attendees submitted over 200 questions in writing. Some of these were answered in interactive sessions during the conference by the speakers indicated above and by Dr. Bill Harvey.

The first part of the Conference Report is given on this web page. The second part, answers to all questions, and third part, the conclusions of the Conference, will be published later.

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1. Back &
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296KB 1.1MB   16. Third session:
Shitu Chudasama
736KB 2.8MB
2. Copyright
& offering
196KB 980KB   17. Third session:
Interactive panel
736KB 2.8MB
3. Table of
208KB 668KB   18. Third session:
Interactive panel
736KB 796KB
4. Pictures 176KB 684KB   19. Third session:
Interactive panel
756KB 2.8MB
5. The divine
652KB 2.3MB   20. Third session:
Interactive panel
788KB 2.9MB
6. The divine
728KB 2.6MB   21. Fourth session:
Interactive panel
456KB 620KB
7. The divine
424KB 1.4MB   22. Fourth session:
Interactive panel
792KB 2.6MB
8. Inaugural session:
Indulal Shah,
V. Srinivasan
780KB 2.7MB   23. Fourth session:
Narasimha Murthy
772KB 536KB
9. Inaugural session:
Michael Goldstein
800KB 2.8MB   24. Fourth session:
Narasimha Murthy
796KB 2.6MB
10. Inaugural session:
Leonardo Gutter
796KB 2.8MB   25. Michael
460KB 1.5MB
11. Inaugural session:
596KB 592KB   26. Pictures:
Inaugural session
384KB 2.0MB
12. Second session:
Narendra Reddy
740KB 748KB   27. Pictures:
Inaugural session
Second session
412KB 2.5MB
13.Second session:
Anil Kumar
788KB 2.9MB   28. Pictures:
392KB 2.2MB
14. Second session:
N.C. Suri
792KB 2.9MB   29. Pictures:
372KB 1.8MB
15. Second session:
652KB 2.4MB   30: Pictures:
312KB 1.6MB