John Whelan is a graduate from the College of Nursing at Michigan State University. He spent the first decade of his clinical career in Emergency Nursing, before transitioning to a specialization in Endoscopy Nursing. Here he would practice for twenty years, through roles of staff nurse, educator, and department manager. In 2008, he assisted in the planning and launch of the Endoscopy Unit at the Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences (SSSIHMS), Puttaparthi, India. To this day, Mr. Whelan holds that life experience as one of the most meaningful for any work he’s accomplished in his professional career.

Mr. Whelan describes his experience in helping initiate the Gastro Intestinal endoscopy unit at the SSSIHMS in Puttaparthi. He emphasizes the importance of the principles of Sai Ideal Healthcare and practicing medicine in a loving, compassionate manner.  Mr. Whelan also stresses the uniqueness of this free, ideal, selfless healthcare service atmosphere at the SSSIHMS and contrasts this experience with the practice of medicine in most of the world. He beautifully describes the lessons he learned.