Soumya Panchanathan, MD is the Associate Program Director at Phoenix Children’s Hospital Pediatric Residency program. She also teaches medical students at Arizona State School of Medicine.

Dr. Panchanathan describes how we can become Agents of Change at our workplace by being advocates for compassionate care of our patients. Included in this are providing highest quality of care, empowering our patients to care for themselves, developing a team that works well together, and by embodying the “well” physician. Key in this effort is that our colleagues and students and patients see us as joyful, not cynical.

In this illuminating talk, Dr. Panchanathan describes how Mindfulness is the answer to achieving this Ideal goal. It is especially critical in a time in medicine when productivity, quality measures, and electronic medical records are putting more stress on providers. You may have to listen to this talk several times to pick up all the “pearls" of wisdom.