Jyosthna Bhat, Psy.D is a Clinical Psychologist practicing in New Jersey.  She speaks about the importance of awareness of mental health problems for all healthcare providers. Mental illnesses should be considered an important healthcare problem, affecting people of all ages.  Depression, in particular, is extremely prevalent worldwide and is a human problem that affects people of all races and religions.  This is the Golden Age of Mental Health because there is much greater awareness of mental health issues.  More people in the USA are able to access mental healthcare professionals.  There is less stigma associated with mental health issues.

However, there is still insufficient awareness and advocacy among doctors and other professionals.  Mental health issues are still often ignored or downplayed.  Mental disorders are diseases and should be addressed and treated as we would treat any other medical conditions which result in morbidity and mortality. We should be advocates for mental healthcare in our practices and communities. Dr. Bhat provides practical methods to help patients with mental health illness.