Joe Phaneuf, MD is a Dermatologist in Northern California who is the director of the Ashland Free Medical Clinic in San Lorenzo, California. He gave a summary of the free medical camps and clinics worldwide, including in India.

Dr. Phaneuf also gave us a glimpse into the Ashland Free Medical Clinic.  This clinic is staffed by local healthcare providers who are dedicated to providing free medical care in a loving, professional manner.  State-of-the-art care is provided with follow up care and appropriate referrals as needed.  Dr. Phaneuf also showed other examples of medical clinics and camps around the world.  This care is provided free of charge to patients and with love and compassion.  In medical camps, the most common services provided are dental and vision care. Other types of services include blood donation services.  Also mobile clinics provide healthcare to patients in remote/rural areas. Dr. Phaneuf stressed the importance of partnering with other service oriented community groups to help coordinate services in local communities to foster unity and love.