Below you will find recordings for a few of the various sessions that took place SSIO Summer Conference. We have audio recordings of other sessions not listed below. To request additional audio recordings, please email

Speaker Sessions

Dr. Narendranath Reddy: Rediscovering the Divinity Within

Sri Vinay Kumar: Our Mother Sai - Lord of All

Sri T.G. Krishnamurthy: Living for the Lord

Sri V.S.R Murthy: Gayathri Manthra: The Divine Formula Leading to Our True Self

Experience Sharing and Cultural Programme: Prasanthi Bhajan Group: Singing the Glories

Sri Rathnakar: Spirituality - A Joyful Journey

Sri Sanjay Sahani: Living the Sai Within - The Steps for Real Transformation

Dr. Rajeshwari Patel: Conquering the 6 Enemies

Prof. Gangadhara Sastry: Living with God is True Education

Dr. Suma Rao: Manifesting Shakthi

Dr. Siva Sankara: Selfless Service - the Path of Oneness

Sri Prem Anoosh: Follow My Command, Reach the Goal

Workshop Videos

Mr. Ashok Sakhrani: From EGO to ECO? Caring for Nature as a Path to Self Transformation. Link to presentation.

Sri Sai Giridhar: Aumkar - The Transformative Universal Vibration

Mr. George Bebedelis: Vedic Ideals and Ancient Wisdom in Day-to-Day Spirituality. Link to presentation.

Dr. Pal Dhall: Self Illumination through Family Transformation and Spiritual Parenting. Link to presentation.

Pictures from Site Visits and Service Activites


Children Programme