When you say that there is a heavy downpour, the soil must show some moisture in it as proof. Likewise, when you feel that you are a dedicated devotee, your behavioural norms and practices must reflect the same. Therefore, conduct yourself in conformity with the divine messages conveyed through the discourses.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Poornachandra Auditorium, 2nd October 1987

We invite all Sai Spiritual Education (SSE) and Sathya Sai School parents, educators and coordinators of the world to take up one spiritual principle inspired by Swami's words, come up with a creative way to practice it and share your experience with us. Their expressions can be Poems, Videos, Artwork or Articles.

Sai Shine Submit Form

Recommended steps to collect your children's expression for the submission:

  • Connect with the children and brainstorm with them on a spiritual principle that they would like to explore further.
  • Guide them to research on what Swami has said about the spiritual principle using resources available in sathyasai.org website – Vahinis, Sathya Sai Speaks, or in RadioSai.
  • Children can come up with a way to practice what they understand from Swami's words. They can talk to parents, teachers, siblings or friends for ideas.
  • If the child practiced Swami’s words for at least 5 days, please ask him/her to share their reflections in the form of an art work, poem, prayer, essay, anything they express through their heart that reflect their understanding and can be submitted.
  • You can fine tune the expressions for clarity in content and format.
  • Explain to children that not all submissions may be published in the website, but all the work that they do with love, are instantaneously offered and accepted by our Beloved Bhagwan.

Once the child is ready with the content, ensure that:

  • The artwork does not have any personally identifiable information and the content is available in an electronic format.
  • The file is named with the child's first name, last initial - country - grade or sse group.
  • The file(s) are uploaded to a google drive and is ready to share the link with us using the below mentioned form.

Their submissions may be published in sathysai.org - Sai Shine section, upon review by SSSIO website contents team. But their expressions can inspire many regardless of the published medium.

If the person who expounds has had the thrill of genuine experience, then it is the supremest luck, for it yields best results. For their face will blossom into joy and their eyes will shed tears of joy at the very contemplation of the glory of the Lord. Those who listen to such a person will catch that inspiration and will experience the joy themselves.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at sse@sathyasai.org