Vedic Declarations - Divine Discourse on January 1, 1983

Sri Sathya Sai Baba begins with a melodious poem "The foremost type of education that we can possibly visualize is that which makes one make an effort to enable the love of God to flow through like a full-fledged river touching every being on this earth and then again every individual should strive to live not for himself not to achieve selfish motives instead he should understand that his life is for the sake of serving others in the society around him. Man should be inspired by high noble ideals by way of noble ideals guiding him to make him live a life worth living...."

He begins His Divine Discourse by speaking on the importance of time and making each moment sacred before going into the aspect outlined in the PDF file pertaining to the Vedic Declarations, which is recorded from minute 40:38 into the Divine Discourse.

Here is a pdf file of the discourse.