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Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba


On 24 April at 7:40AM, Swami left His physical body. His body was brought to Sai Kulwant Hall, and He "lay in State" for three days.

Last rites were made on the morning of 27 April, and Bhagawan's body was laid to rest in Sai Kulwant Hall in the presence of a huge assemblage of devotees, also attended by a host of political luminaries.

Press releases, interviews, and such leading up to his Mahasamadhi can be found on this webpage. The items to the right deal with press releases, articles, and other material that took place after His passing.

mahasamadhi mahasamadhi

The image to the left above shows Swami's temporary Mahasamadhi on the verandah of the mandir in Sai Kulwant Hall. The image to the right above shows the permanent Mahasamadhi, which was unveiled on Guru Purnima, 15 July 2011. This page contains more pictures of the Mahasamadhi, which can be downloaded in high resolution.

The word Mahasamadhi means not only the conscious departure from the physical body of a realized soul but also the shrine where the physical body is buried.

Eternal Sanctity (pdf). June issue of the Pune Youth newsletter, a beautiful tribute to Sai. (4MB)

10 July. Article about Satha Sai Baba

28 June. Central Trust Press release

24 May. Proclamation of the Venezuelan Government

24 April. Letter from Michael Goldstein (and in French), Chair, Prasanthi Council

29 April. Special musings, G. Venkatarman

Videos: Swami laid to rest   Swami lying in state

Tthe last rites and a high-resolution version of the mahasamadhi image.


22 April. Article on Sathya Sai Baba in the Hindustan Times, by Abdul Kalam, former President of India. Also in pdf


Discourse, 5 July 2003. Swami talks about His health and body.

Discourse, 13 July 2005. Swami talks about His Well-Being.

What we know of Prema Sai

Discussion of Swami's age when He left HIs body.

"In regard to every matter, my thoughts are always sublime and exemplary. You must note that Swami's life is in His own hands and not in those of anyone else. If I will it, I can live for as long as I please. I can also terminate it at will. It is my will that decides and not any other person. The reason is My purity, selflessness, and divinity. What other testimony is called for? The life of the pure hearted is in their own hands and not in those of others." Discourse, 3 July 1993