To: Sri Sathya Sai Hostel Brindavanam

My Beloved Teacher and Boys! Accept my Love and Blessings!

In this world of change we meet with various vicissitudes of life, both pleasant and unpleasant. We are afflicted with diseases both mental and physical. The body is stricken with diseases and the mind filled with worries. In this state of our unhappiness, turmoil and misery there is only one way and that is to take refuge in SAI. SAI alone can remove the difficulties and diseases and bring us health, peace and prosperity.

He who has got SAI’s Name on his lips is a jivan-mukta, because continuous remembrance of SAI eliminates the ego-sense and grants him the realization of his immortal changeless Self. Name is a link between the devotee and SAI. It brings the devotee face to face with SAI and enables him to attain the knowledge of his oneness with Him (SAI).

With Love

Your SAI, your own SAI

(Sri Sathya Sai)