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Sai Vijayam
prayers, mantras, 108 names in western style

This music was offered as pranams at the lotus feet of Bhagawan Sr Sathya Sai Baba, in commemoration of His body's 80th Birthday. The music is sung mostly in English, in beautiful three- or four-part harmony, reflecting some of the vocal music traditions of the West.

All the links in the table below are in mp3 format, except the last one, which is a large .zip file, which you can download onto your computer. Clicking any of the other links in the table will place the corresponding devotional song or prayer.

To obtain a small booklet Sai Vijayam that contains the text of the music, click on this: pdf file (392 KB, modified on 2006.04.10). Here is a Spanish version: pdf.

01. Three Ohms (572 KB)
02. 108 Names (18.7MB)
03. Sai Vijayam, by Sastry V. Pappu (2.8MB)
04. Universal prayer (Sarvadharma prayer) (1.6 MB)
05. Gayathri mantra (1.9 MB)
06. Petitions to the Lord (3.8 MB)
07. Arathi (3 MB)
08. Loka Samasta Sukino Bhavantu (1.3 MB)
09. Vibuthi mantra (2.4 MB) (2.9 MB)
10. Sai Vijayam (2nd rendition) (2.9 MB)
11. Three Ohms (680 KB)
  All songs, in a .zip file (39.1 MB)