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SSSIHMS Bangalore:


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In 52.26 acres of land, in a building of about 354,000 sq.ft., the hospital houses state-of-the-art medical care in the fields of cardiology, cardiac surgery, neurology, and neuro surgery. It is a fully residential institute, with its own staff quarters and canteens for staff and visitors.

When the Divine wills, normal human limitations and norms do not apply to its execution. The speed and mode go beyond credible limits and the presence of the Divine is made evident at every stage. All government procedures for handing over the possession of the land to the trust, approval of the plans, etc. were completed in record time.

  • The hospital has 333 beds and 12 operation theatres, 8 for cardiac and 4 for neuro-surgery.

  • It is equipped with the latest equipment in radiology, which includes Ultrasound, X-Ray, MRI, CAT Scan, Nuclear Medicine, and a Gamma Machine.

  • The hospital hosts a highly sophisticated laboratory and blood bank equipped with the latest technology, as befitting the hospital's stature.

  • The hospital is fully equipped for non-invasive as well as surgical treatment of the highest standards in both the specialities.

  • There are 17 consultation rooms each for the cardiac and neuro specialities of the hospital.

  • The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art Information technology systems for maintenance of patient records, access control, imaging, internal and external communications, and fire protection.

The table below shows the diagnostics available for the two specialities at this hospital.

Diagnostics at SSSIHMS, WhitefieldBangalore
Cardiac Sciences Numbers Neuro Sciences Numberss
Echo 4 Evoked Potential 1
Stress Test 2 Audiometry 1
Holter Monitoring 2 Operation Theatres 4
Cath Labs 8 Cath Labs 2
Operation Theatres 8 Post-Op ICU/Stepdown 30
Post Op. ICU Beds 45
Coronary Care Beds 45 Neurology ICU 10
Ward Beds 98 Ward Beds 90