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SSSIHMS Bangalore:

Admission procedures

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Please note that the SSSIHMS Banglore specialises only in cardiac and neuro disorders.

If you think you need treatment and are close by, please go to the hospital. The steps that will be taken once you reach the hospital are outlined on this page.

If you think you need treatment but are not close enough to come to the hospital for a checkup, please follow the following procedures:

  1. Contact the hospital by phone (28411500), fax (28411503), or email ( After contact is made, send the hospital photocopies of your earlier medical records.

  2. Our doctors will go through the medical records and see whether the patient can be helped by our Institute (at the moment, we specialise only in cardiac and neuro disorders).

  3. Based on the doctor's advice, the patient will be given a date of appointment on which the patient will need to come to the Hospital for registration and consultation with our doctors.

  4. Depending on the patient's condition, the doctors will wait list them in our computerized list of patients, and they will be called as soon as their turn comes.
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