January 16-18, 2015
Z4 Singapore Pre World Conference Audience

The first Pre-World Conference of 2015 was held in Singapore from 16th to 18th January 2015. Dr. Narendranath Reddy, Chairman, Prasanthi Council; Dr. Art-Ong Jumsai, Member, Prasanthi Council; Dr. Ravindran Menon, Chairman, Zone 4; and many senior SSIO leaders attended the conference, along with 470 delegates from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Brunei, and the Philippines.

Dr. Reddy spoke on love and selfless service and shared video clips of Sathya Sai Baba’s discourses, keeping the audience spellbound. He also presented highlights of the work of the SSIO and new initiatives planned. Dr. Jumsai stressed the importance of human-values-based education. The National Council Presidents discussed service activities being conducted in their respective countries. Senior devotees and youth alike shared personal experiences of Bhagawan’s love and His presence in their lives.

Sathya Sai Youth played an active part in organising the conference. The Zone 4 Youth Coordinator presented plans of youth leadership programmes and events, and the youth performed a drama to showcase selected service projects. In addition, a musical programme, devotional singing, and a Chinese choir were also organised. Children from the Sathya Sai Kindergarten in Singapore staged an enchanting dance, and Sai Spiritual Education students performed a 70-minute medley of skits and dances on Unity in Diversity.

For more details visit the saiuniverse.sathyasai.org web page.