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A materialized book











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This book was materialized by Sathya Sai Baba during the Christmas 1996 discourse. According to the interpreter of the discourse, Swami said the book, composed in 1530 AD, is in a museum in Irawan in Armenia, in a glass case. Written in Hebrew, it has more details about Jesus Christ than the Bible. Armenians near the black sea are influenced by eastern philosophy, and this book conveys the essence of all religions, including the Geetha.

The book is two inches high. Its cover is made of gold, on both sides. The top has a cross embossed on it. It has a book mark, made of red thread, on which all letters are inscribed. This is a vey rare copy.

Swami materialized it, opened it, and started explaining details. after that, he showed it to the people sitting on the left side of the dais.