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Prema Swarupa
The Perfect Form

SwamiTo me, there is nothing more perfect than Love!

The word Prema-swarupa literally means "Embodiment of Divine Love". So, I dedicate this photo presentation to Sri Sathya Sai Baba in my recognition of the fact that He is truly LOVE encased in a body!

Photos abound of how His form presently appears, but here we share with you the delight in seeing the forms it was in years past. Most of these 300-odd photos were taken between 1940 and 1965. We present them with a prayer that, as you view them, you may be blessed to experience a taste of this LOVE and always carry it with you.

The best camera is in our own hearts, where His Love and our Love is the same One Love. May these views of "the form" take us beyond name and form ... the form IS Love. May we all be blessed to see this within ourselves.

With Pranams and Love at His Feet, JCM.



The 300-odd pictures are in groups of 24. You see them as .jpg files. Click on a picture to see a larger version. Click on the title of a picture to download a .jpg file of good print quality --made from an .eps file with 300-500 pixels per inch resolution. Later, we'll fix it do that you can download 24 at a time.

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