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Zone 1, Region 05

West Indies

This place [organization] is for constant, vigilant spiritual discipline (sadhana). Sathya Sai Baba Sathya Sai Speaks VIII, 13, 82 (old edition).

Zone 1 Region 5 of the Sai Organization, the West Indies, extends from the Bahamas in the North to Surinam on the South American Continent in the South.

The main countries in this region with a Sai presence are Trinidad, Jamaica, Guyana, and Surinam. The others are the Bahamas, Barbados, Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, and the islands of Curacao and Aruba of the Netherland Antilles. Region 5 has about 90 Sai centres and groups, with about 60 in Trinidad, 7 in Jamaica, 14 in Guyana, and 7 in Surinam.

The organization was first established in the West Indies in 1974 and has its origin in Guyana, where Mr. Hejmadi was the High Commissioner of India to Guyana. Mr. Hejmadi started the first centre in the region.

The Coordinator for Region 5 is Mr. Tajmool Hosein, who lives in Trinidad and has served in this capacity for more than 15 years. The Deputy Central Coordinators for the Region are Mr. Raj Ramdhan and Mr. Ramesh Persaud. Mr. Raj Ramdhan is from Trinidad; he can be contacted at Tel/Fax:(868)663-2152, 2273, 3223. Mr. Ramesh Persaud is from Guyana; he can be contacted at Res. (011)5922-259998 Off. (011)5922-269370 Fax: (011)5922-256301.

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The activities carried out in the region include conducting bhajans in the centers and groups, selfless service (seva), Sai spiritual education, and youth activities. On the island of Trinidad, the Youth and Bal Vikas sections are strong.

The propagation of Education in Human Values has considerable interest in this region. In this respect, the West Indies may be ahead of many other world regions. With the assistance of some trained devotees, a West Indian teachers handbook was published in Trinidad in 1987, which has attracted attention in Educational circles throughout the region. The Sai organization in Trinidad provides trained teachers to visit the other islands in the region to publicize the EHV programme and conduct training exercises where the programme has been accepted.

A high level of Sai awareness has developed in the region, particularly in Trinidad, Guyana, and Barbados, as a result of public education programmes such as public meetings, newspaper articles, and radio and television broadcasts, which have been conducted over the last 20 years. On these islands the general population knows about Bhagawan Baba, as well as something about His mission and teachings.

There is a constant flow of devotees from the Region, especially Trinidad, to Prasanthi Nilayam throughout the year.

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Trinidad. Contact: Dr. Rampaul at (868) 644-2280.

The President of the Organisation in Trinidad and Tobago is Dr. Rampaul. Trinidad has 60 Centres and Devotional groups, which are divided into 4 regional groupings: North, South, South-East, and Central.

The Headquarters of the organization in Trinidad is the Sai Nilayam, which is located in Longdenville on the outskirts of the Borough of Chaguanas. National and regional programmes are conducted at the Sai Nilayam. At the national level, festivals such as Guru Poornima, Akhanda Bhajan, Ladies day, and Sathya Sai Baba's Birthday are celebrated. In addition, the Sai Nilayam hosts spiritually uplifting events such as Gayatri Mantra chanting, West Indian and national retreats, music festivals, and talks by various speakers on the practice of human values in everyday life. The singing of bhajans takes place at least once a week at every centre and group, and study circles are conducted once very month.

The present administration in Trinidad and Tobago recognises the importance of values education. As a result, the Organisation has trained approximately 1000 teachers in the primary schools in the first quarter of 2000. The training programme is continuing, and it is envisaged that all teachers from primary schools will take this programme. Television programs are shown to commemorate Sathya Sai Baba's Birthday and on other special occasions. An article on Sathya Sai Baba's teachings is published weekly in a daily newspaper.

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Guyana. Contact: Mr. Leo Sawh at (592) 278626.

The National Coordinator for Guyana is Mr. Leo Sawh. Guyana has 8 Centres and 4 devotional groups. The Headquarters, called Prema Nilayam, is located on Light Street, in Georgetown.

All events on the Sai Calendar are celebrated at the Centre level. The scope and reach of seva projects undertaken are impressive. Symposia are held throughout the country, covering topics such as human values and leadership. The Mahilya Vibhag arm is very vibrant in the Demerara and Georgetown areas, conducting educational programmes, cookery demonstrations, and health lectures as part of their activities. A monthly newsletter is published and it can be viewed on the web at the address A weekly television programme is shown, and quotations of Bhagawan Baba are printed in the daily newspapers.

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Jamaica. Contact: Mrs. Sangeetha Kiswani at Fax: (876)920-2580

The Coordinator for Jamaica is Mrs. Sangeetha Kiswani. There are 4 centres and 3 devotional groups in Jamaica. The Organization in Jamaica is divided into 3 regions: Kingston, Ocho Rios, and Montego Bay.

Akhanda Bhajan and Bhagawan Baba's Birthday are the two largest festivals celebrated in this country. Singing of bhajans takes place at all centres and devotional groups once per week. The Education in Human Values programme is being taught in the public schools on an ongoing basis. Selfless service (seva) covers a wide range of activities.

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Barbados. Contact: Mr. Chandru J. Thani at Res. (246)428-1981 Fax: (246)437-3809.

The Coordinator for Barbados is Mr. Chandru J. Thani. There is one Centre and one devotional group. The Centre is located at Welches Terrace, St. Michael. The organisation on this island is small, but the members are very active.

The EHV programme was being implemented in public schools for some time, and efforts are being made to restart the teaching of values in the schools. There is a great deal of publicity in the papers concerning Bhagawan's messages. In addition, a Spiritual Forum is being conducted every month at which non-devotees meet with members and discuss the teachings of Bhagawan Baba.

Surinam. Contact: Mr. Ramesh Persaud at (592) 262950.

The Coordinator for Surinam is Mr. Nandoe Tewari. The person supervising the organization is Mr. Ramesh Persaud, Deputy Central Coordinator of the West Indies, whose telephone number is (592) 262950. The 7 centres in Surinam carry on service, educational and spiritual activities. The major Sai festivals are celebrated.

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Curacao. Contact: Mr. Chandru Bhojwani at (599) 94625-520 or 94613-444 Fax (599)94626-953.
Aruba. Contact: Mr. Harish Daryanani at (011) 2978-28681 Fax:(011) 2978-26963.

These islands form part of the Dutch West Indies, and Dutch is the official language. Each island has one Sai Centre.

In Curacao, the EHV programme has been officially adopted in the public schools and is now being taught in all schools. The relevant literature has been translated into Dutch. Consideration is being given to the introduction of the programme in the other Dutch islands of Aruba and Bonaire.

St. Lucia. Contact: Mr. Daulat Daswani at (758)452-5310 Fax: (758)452-3956.

The Coordinator for St. Lucia is Mr. Daulat Daswani. There is one devotional group in St. Lucia. Although the Centre is quite small, young Seva activities are carried out, as well as Sai celebrations.

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