What do SSSIO devotees gain or lose by joining GC?

Swami gave very direct instructions as to the structure of the SSSIO and create a separation of powers.  The SSSCT has gone outside of this structure and created the GC.  The devotees may be thinking there are benefits to go to Prasanti Nilayam by being part of the GC.  However, during this horrible worldwide, raging pandemic we do not need to make rush decisions to join the GC and go against Swami’s instructions. The decision to join the GC was pushed on devotees by the SSSCT at a time when devotees need not make such decisions and the SSSCT has created mass confusion. 

You will be following Swami’s instructions by staying in the SSSIO.  Some stated benefits of joining the GC we have heard include being awarded a robe, possibly present programs in Prasanti Nilayam, and pleasing the managing trustee, Mr. Ratnakar.  Apparently, devotees are standing up in PN when the managing trustee arrives.   The methods used by the SSSCT and their surrogates are not dharmic.  They have been threatening and harassing people who have not joined the GC. They have been tempting people and have offered positions and other temptations to officers of the SSSIO as a reward for joining the GC.  They are trying to scare people. This is not the right way to act. 

In summary, there is nothing spiritual to gain by joining the GC. The choice is essentially choosing between what Mr. Ratnaker the managing trustee of the SSSCT and join the GC based on Mr. Ratnaker’s assertions versus choosing the SSSIO message of following Swami’s structure and guidelines given to the SSSIO.