May 10th and May 11th 2017

Wednesday, May 10


Evening Programme: 5.30pm

  • Divine Darshan
  • Pray to Bhagavan for Inauguration of the function by lighting the lamp
  • Recitation of Traditional Buddhist Slokas/Chantings
  • Address and Introduction of Speakers by Central Coordinator, Bro Amar Karki
  • Talks by Guest Speakers:  Bhikshu Kondanya, Nepal and Monk, Laos
  • Dances from Nepal
  • Dances from Thailand
  • Skit from Nepal
  • International Bhajans by members of Zone 4 and Zone 5 countries
  • Continue recitation of Slokas/Chantings while devotees  offer Abhishekam and Prostrations to Lord Buddha

Thursday, May 11
Morning Programme: 11 am

  • Narayana Seva at the Canteen of SSSIHMS. All leaders to join this team

Evening Programme: 5.30pm

  • Divine Darshan
  • Pray for Bhagavan’s Divine Discourse - Bro Bishu Prushty, Radio Sai
  • Introduction of Speakers by Sister Bhavna, Deputy Central Coordinator of Zone 5
  • Talks by Guest Speakers: Avi Sarkar, Loas, Prof Lakshman Watawala, Sri Lanka
  • Dance from Nepal
  • Dances from Laos
  • International Bhajans
  • Aarathi