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Date: 27 May 2002  Occasion: Summary of Evening Discourse Place: Brindavan

 Summary of Divine Discourse
at the Summer Course
(Evening, 27 May 2002)


Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Wealth, opulence and indulgence cannot give man an iota of satisfaction.
It is only when he realizes the nature of Atma that man attains contentment and peace.

Health is wealth. Without a healthy body, man cannot execute any of his thoughts, however good they may be. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Several civilizations have treated various limbs and organs of the body as specialized individual entities that contribute to the body as a whole. The people of France maintained strict control on their eating habits and contents and maintained good health. The body is a temple of God. It may be temporary like a water bubble; but unless the house is safe, how can the inhabitants residing inside be safe? You can do much good with a healthy body. The youth today neglect this aspect and suffer from deteriorating health.

Several scholars and intellectuals have attempted to control, if not eradicate, ill health. The Romans were front-runners in this aspect. They maintained healthy and strong bodies and kept each limb and organ of the body in as near perfect and strong condition as possible. They did this by watching the three main aspects: conduct, character, and sensitivity . They remained self-sufficient as far as bodily needs were concerned and did not like depending on their fellow men to help them move about for their daily needs.

Today, a sixteen-year-old boy looks like a sixty-year-old man! Bad habits are the main reason for this premature ageing. In the first instance, as soon as you arise form bed, brush your teeth well and clean your tongue. The mouth is the main entry point to the entire body. There is always the danger of germs entering the body from an unclean mouth.

In each limb and organ of the body resides Divinity. He is therefore called Angeerasa: the vital force in each organ of the body.

Maintaining such good health was common in ancient India. Bheeshma was 115 years old when he assumed the command of the Kaurava army! Bheeshma, Arjuna, and Krishna all had healthy, active and strong bodies and hence were always happy. They were those men and women who set ideals to the society. Their good health was caused by correct diet and sleep at the right time and in right quantity.

Some helpful hints to maintain good health would be:

Wake up at the crack of dawn, when the cock crows;
Finish your ablutions and bath;
Never move about in slushy areas and places where garbage is dumped;
Participate in games and sports with Joy.
Today, people get up at 8 / 9 AM! This is because the entire night is wasted away in watching TV or listening to the radio. What the entertainment media has to give today is complete trash --filled with vulgar, obscene and dirty features. The government is the chief culprit, since it has no control on these. They even import junk and show it! What is needed is to use the media to show good ideals and thought provoking features.

Apart from the government, the teachers, parents, and elders are equally responsible. They dare not correct the youth because they themselves have the same bad habits! Some parents even encourage their children to make up for the time they have lost watching TV! Such attitudes cause the youth to pick up bad thoughts, which end up in bad actions and dirty feelings.

Money is the other culprit in this degradation. Money leads to arrogance. Arrogance leads to bad habits. Stop wasting money. In this aspect, Bhagawan is very strict and does not show mercy. Several people rush abroad with the single-minded purpose of earning money there. Even if you earn, what are you managing to save? You struggle to earn more by taking up jobs like washing dishes in restaurants and delivering newspaper! Do you need to go abroad to do that? If you do want to bring back something from abroad, bring back good ideals.

But know this: The ideals that you cannot find in India you will not find anywhere else ( Yenna Bharata thanna Bharata)! Though there is a mad rush to go abroad, Bhagawan is telling you now, In 5-6 years time, every one will start coming back. The situation is worsening day by day. No foreign land can ever match the security and safety your motherland can offer you. Go abroad if you must. But earn and come back. Foster your parents as a form of gratitude for all that they have done to make you what you are now. Be proud to declare that you are an Indian. If you are not proud to declare your roots and culture, you are as good as a dead person.

India is called BHA + RATHI: that sacred land that spreads the effulgence of wisdom. It is a land of sacredness, sacrifice, service, and prosperity of all types. It is the teacher to the world of spiritual lore and wealth. All Avatars were born here; Truth and Righteousness were treated as the two eyes of man in this country.

I do not want to praise, but students of our Sathya Sai Colleges and Schools stand as ideals today. None can match them when it comes to setting ideals. What a pity it is today that a father shudders to correct his own son! Why should such sons live at all? Students must develop good thoughts and good behaviour and foster unity in the country. India is one large joint family. Do not divide yourself on the basis of language, region and religion. Unfortunately, today's multi-party political scenario is doing just that! Students! Never divide the country. Do not succumb to the promptings of the older generation if they try to do this.

It is rather unfortunate that there is none to guide the youth on ideal lines today. On the other hand, they will criticize Sai Baba for doing this! But I do not care for that; I am convinced that what I say is true.

Students must foster unity by setting ideals. Brush aside individual differences and work and live as one --as brothers and sisters. It is only then that you will get devotion, emancipation, and liberation. True devotion is to see unity in diversity. What you should learn from the Summer Course is to set these ideals.

Smile and spread cheer. Your face assumes contorted shapes only if there are bad thoughts in you.

Why is Sai Baba always cheerful? It is because there is no bad thought in him anywhere! You must follow me in this regard. Never harm others. Follow the principle, "Help Ever; Hurt Never". The essence of Indian culture is: "Merit lies in helping others. There is no bigger sin than hurting others."


I want to have your assurance that you will foster good thoughts, actions, and feelings. That is all that I need from you all this day. In the first instance, give up all bad habits; you will automatically gain good health, which will confer a strong body on you. You can then set ideals and earn some merit. This alone will give you happiness and bliss. Eat on time and relish what you eat; your parents have given you this food after struggling with their sweat. Eat with love --that will give you good health.

Do not indulge in criticizing others. You are bound to get it back manifold as the Reflection, Reaction, and Resound of your action. Speak pleasantly and do not hurt others with your words. Do good to others --I need no more ananda (bliss) from you. I can sacrifice anything for you then.

I have spent crores on you, setting up this infrastructure and facilities that are the best --all without taking a paisa from you. On the other hand, I even give scholarship to deserving students! All I expect is that you give up all bad thoughts, actions, and habits. Develop good thoughts and actions instead. Set ideals. All you need to earn in this world is health and happiness (aarogyam and anandam). Hankering to earn wealth (dhana) without virtue (guna) is an exercise in futility. There is no harm in telling even your parents that they are contributing to your kshaama (destruction or barrenness) and not kshemam (welfare) if they try to misguide you. Always do good to others.