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Date: 16 May 2002  Occasion: Summary of  Evening Discourse Place: Brindavan

 Summary of Divine Discourse
at the Summer Course
(evening, 16 May 2002)


Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

One can regain or recover lost money, friends, lands and prosperity by the dint of one's efforts. A man may also get remarried if he has lost a wife. However, the human body, once lost, cannot be regained. It cannot be protected eternally. Hence, one must attain and experience life's goals while the body lasts.

India is a land that is the birthplace of all ideals, sciences, and arts. Numerology, grammar, arts, literature --they all had their origins in India. In fact, "that which is not available in India is not available elsewhere (Yenna Bharathe, thanna Bharata)." It is a land that gave birth to noble souls like Savitri, who, by her spiritual powers, could even get her dead husband back alive; Sita, who made even the fire bend before her purity; and Damayanti, who burnt to death the evil hunter who misbehaved with her.

Sadly, there is an exodus from this land today. What is lacking here is not the wealth or knowledge; it is determination. If only one is determined, one can achieve anything in India itself. Ancient India was home to several outstanding universities. Each was highly specialised in a particular field. For example, the University at Kasi specialised in teaching grammar --Vyakarna Sastra. Kashmir University has masters in the science of decoration and beautification --alankarana. The one at Ujjain imparted unparalleled knowledge in the field of Law --nyayashastra.

The great king Bharatha had Panini in his court, whose treatise on grammar (Panini Grammar) remains a masterpiece to date. There was Charaka, who contributed much to the medical sciences. There were several such universities imparting knowledge to many students. They were not buildings with large infrastructure. The residence of the teacher itself was a university college. The student strength was limited; however, the quality of teaching was exceptional. The class would be held under a tree; in that cool environment, the students absorbed the soft words of the teacher immediately.

The outstanding feature of the education in those days was reliance on the power of sound. Lessons dropped from the lips of the teacher and directly reached the ears of the students. There were no slates or notebooks to aid the learning process. High standards of learning were thus achieved. There were no rigid timetable or curricula. The teacher taught whenever he felt the need to and wherever he wanted. He always taught that which the students wanted and what he knew would be good for the students. The students in turn opened their hearts, and the teacher filled these hearts with knowledge.

No fees were ever charged for education. The society took upon itself the responsibility of maintaining and looking after the welfare of the teacher. The students would get up early in the morning, perform their ablutions and prayers, and then go from house to house to collect alms. Every house would give whatever they could spare. These were all then collected, and the teacher first took whatever was necessary for him. The students partook of the rest as sanctified food. The students resided in caves like those of Ajantha and Ellora; where they lived and dined.

The education process was closely linked to spirituality. Charaka was a very famous physician. He never used modern gadgetry. Instead, he would combine his medical knowledge with prayers to God, which caused perfect healing. hence, every disease had a certain cure because the process relied on God's grace. Charaka proved that God's grace could rid man of any difficulty. He demonstrated that God is within, around, above, and below man at all times.

When Bhagawan was very small, He composed a poem that spoke of Russia under Stalin invading and causing Hitler's ruin. People sometimes wonder how Sai Baba knows all this!! Let me tell you that there is nothing I do not know. I merely pretend to ask you questions to give you the joy of conversing with Me. Don't doubt Me based on what I ask you or speak to you.

I had also composed poems that mocked modern items and the craze for these items. My poems were also used to correct people who went astray. Karnam Subbamma once prayed for Me to help bring her husband to the right path. I wrote a very hard-hitting poem that highlighted his immoral ways. This shamed him in public, and he changed for the better. The grateful Karnam Subbamma fell at Swami's feet and advised Venkappa Raju that I was Divinity itself and that they must not develop bodily attachments with Me."

 I would also compose poems and teach people how to explain and interpret the scriptures properly. By starting the Pandari Bhajan group, I would cause the villagers to rise in a holy atmosphere by 5 am itself. When Kote Subbanna, thrilled with My poems, complimented Me on My capability, I told him that whatever I speak was always poetry! He offered Me a basket of laddus as a mark of his appreciation. But I had it distributed to everyone. I have never taken sweets because I am full of the sweetest of all sweets: LOVE. I am always distributing it and making people happy.