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Orientation and spiritual talks

Orientation talk
For the benefit of overseas devotees, a 1-hour orientation talk is given every day at 8-00 A.M. in the Lecture Hall in the first floor of the North Indian Canteen premises.

All overseas devotees are expected to attend this lecture the day after their arrival regardless of the number of their previous visits. The principal guidelines and code of conduct will be explained.

You will find it a useful service, since there is always something new to learn or share. Although most of your questions are anticipated, you may have other questions you want answered.

Spiritual talks
One-hour talks on spiritual subjects are delivered on many daya between 10-00 A.M. and 11-00 A.M. in the Central Office Building (situated on the first floor of the North Indian Canteen building) by long-time devotees and ashram residents.