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Principle guidelines and
code of conduct

Restrictions, rules, and self controls are the royal road leading to the goal of self-realisation. They are not just to bind you, to limit or control you. Do not fret against the rules and regulations that the Organisation imposes on you; they are laid down for your own good. Regulation is the very essence of creation. The oceans observe their limits and bounds. The human body has to maintain its warmth at 37 degree Celsius in order to be healthy, and the heart has to beat at a definite number of times a minute. Sathya Baba

Brindavan is not the residential ashram that Prasanthi Nilayam is. Prasanthi Nilayam has accomodations for thousands, Brindavan for only a few hundred. The grounds are much smaller in Brindavan --there is the darshan hall a western canteen, a bookstore, and a space between them. People generally leave the ashram after morning darshan and return for bhajans in the late afternoon, except on Sundays, when bhajans go on all day. However, while on the ashram, the same general guidelines for dress and socializing prevail.

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Dress code      (to page top)

Dress in modest, clean and sober clothing at all times. Whites are mostly preferred (for men). Your dress reflects your love and respect for Bhagawan. Shorts or sleeveless shirts arestrictly prohibited. Women are required to dress down to their ankles and wrap their fronts with a proper shawl. Tight or see-through dresses are not permitted, as also beach or sportswear. Avoid garish clothes. It is best to get yourself a pair of local sandals. Do not display unorthodox hairstyles, over-matted hair, Tallset hair etc., or wear large obtrusive hats, especially in the darshan line. Above all, clothe yourself to neither attract nor distract others.

Most men wear white pants and shirt, although one sees other colors here more than in Prasanthi Nilayam. The shirt is usually worn outside the pants (hides the spare tire!). You can get them made by a tailor in a few days, inexpensively by western standards.

Women don't have to wear saris, but most of them do, even westerners. You can get saris and other Indian wear in many of the shops outside the ashram.

Socializing      (to page top)

Men and women are not expected to mix for the sake of passing time either outside or inside the rooms. These distractions pull your being outwardly, promoting duality. Indian social habits do not approve of men and women indulging in physical contact or publicly expressing their greetings or affection. Please follow the Indian custom while you stay here.

Disregard those who claim association with Bhagawan or claim to have inner or special messages from Bhagawan. He has said that His connection with each one of us is 'Direct' and requires no intermediary or agency. Do not encourage or have contact with them, exchanging experiences or addresses. They only do so with ulterior motives, leading ultimately to unpleasantness.

Guidelines      (to page top)

  • Please maintain silence and keep children under control.

  • Loud singing of bhajans by groups or individuals is not permitted in the open or in residential quarters.

  • Do not play radios or tape recorders in the residences in a manner that will cause disturbance to others.

  • Dress in a clean, modest, and sober manner.

  • Devote your time to spiritual activities and your own sadhana.

  • Smoking, gambling, consumption of alcoholic beverages or non-vegetarian food (including eggs), and drugs are strictly forbidden in the ashram.

  • Ladies and gentlemenents are not expected to mix and visit each others rooms/halls.

  • Don't allow any stranger to visit your room/hall, and don't admit others to live there unless permission has been obtained from the office. Persons staying outside the ashram are not allowed in any room/hall without authorisation.

  • Please keep the room/hall clean. Cooking therein is not permitted.

  • Kindly use minimum of electricity and water. Close the taps and switch off lights/fans before leaving.

  • Use of appliances like electric stove and heater is not permitted.

  • Please see that no lighted candle or scented sticks are left inside while locking the room.

  • Security of your personal belongings is your responsibility. Bolt the door from inside when sleeping in the room. If you are the last person leaving, always lock the door when you go out.

  • Please do not try to open any locked portion of any room.

  • When you vacate the room/hall, please leave it clean and do not hand over the key to any other person for staying there. Always return the key to the accommodation office.

  • Do not dry clothes in common places.

  • Put off all lights by 9-00 P.M. Please do not move after 'lights-out' time.

  • Don't pay any attention to those who claim close association with Bhagawan or claim to have inner messages or special blessings of Bhagawan Baba.

  • Don't associate with strangers and encourage them to develop friendship with you by exchanging addresses, etc.

  • You are not required to pay money to anyone anywhere in the ashram except for the services like accommodation, food, etc. Beware of cheats and persons collecting funds.

  • Please note that donations by foreigners for any purpose, either in cash or in kind, either to individuals or to Organisations (except to specific authorised bodies, such as the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, Sri Sathya Sai Medical Trust, Prasanthi Nilayam), are not permitted under the law of the land.

  • Care should be taken to preserve the cleanliness of the ashram. Spitting and other unclean habits must be avoided.

  • Taking photos inside Brindavan prohibited. Please don't bring cameras, tape recorders, transistors, etc., to the mandir.

  • Don't rush forward to fall at Bhagawan's feet, and please don't move around and make noise until darshan is over.

  • Visitors are requested to make use of the canteens, where food is prepared hygienically by devotees fordevotees.

  • Rooms (flats) in Brindavan are not owned by any individual.

  • The office reserves the right to allot/deny accommodation to any visitor or visitors and to ask any occupant of any room/hall to vacate without assigning any reason whatsoever.