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Accommodations in Brindavan

Brindavan offers only limited, and unfurnished, residential facilities to visitors. Most visitors stay in one of the small hotelsor rooms in private houses across the street from the ashram or in a hotel in Bangalore.

About sixty rooms are available in the residential block opposite Sai Ramesh Krishan Hall (on the ashram). The Sri Sathya Sai Gokulam complex, within walking distance down the road, offers about two hundred and forty rooms, and about thirty-five rooms are available in the campus guest house. Common accommodation at nominal rates is also available, separately for men and ladies, with five occupants to a room and common toilets. Most of these facilities are quickly taken when Sai Baba is in residence.

A canteen located in the Gokulam complex serves Indian style meals, and canteen located in the ashram provides western style food. A co-operative store situated on the ashram meets the basic needs of visitors, and the Sri Sathya Sai Book Centre provides books and other spiritual literature.

Single people under 25: Please note that the ashram policy is NOT to give accommodations to single people under the age of 25 (unless they come with a group or a family). However, they may participate in all programmes: darshan, bhajans, use canteens, shops, etc.

Reservations: It is not possible to make reservations in advance.