27th April 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Om Sri Sai Ram.

Earthquake in Ecuador and Japan

I am writing to update you on the situation in Ecuador and Japan, after major earthquakes struck both regions in mid-April 2016. As you may know, hundreds of people have lost their lives and thousands of homes have been destroyed in Ecuador and Japan due to the natural disasters.

In Japan, the death toll stands at 48, with about 100,000 people being displaced from their homes. The Government of Japan is handling all rescue and recovery operations, with help from volunteers. Sri Sathya Sai devotees of Japan are assisting with humanitarian relief, wherever possible. At this time, we urge you to pray to Bhagawan for a speedy recovery and restoration of normalcy for the afflicted people of Japan.

In Ecuador, more than 650 people have lost their lives, according to Reuters. There is no drinking water or electricity, and many people are going hungry for lack of food. One of two Sri Sathya Sai schools in Ecuador suffered damages, but there were no injuries reported, by Bhagawan’s grace. SSSIO members are distributing food and water, and offering temporary shelter to the people who lost their homes, belongings and loved ones. Medical professionals are rendering assistance, wherever possible.

How We Can Help

The SSSIO Disaster Relief Committee is coordinating efforts with the Sri Sathya Sai International Organisation in Ecuador. The SSSIO has already transmitted funds to Ecuador to support relief activities. Many Sri Sathya Sai devotees and SSSIO officers have expressed a desire to help in the ongoing relief efforts and actively participate in this noble work. The Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation (SSSWF) is a registered non-profit charitable organisation in the USA, which directly supports the work of the SSSIO throughout the world. Those wishing to participate in the relief efforts in Ecuador may kindly see this document for further details. The SSSIO Humanitarian Relief website has information about on-going relief activities.

This is a time for us to come together to help our brothers, sisters and young children in Ecuador and Japan, devastated by this tragedy. Let us all pray to our Lord, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba to alleviate the pain and suffering caused by the loss of life and property to our dear brothers and sisters in Ecuador and Japan. May He also bless us with the wisdom and strength to serve those in need.

Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu – May All the Worlds be Happy!

Jai Sai Ram.

Lovingly in the Service of Sai,

Narendranath Reddy, M.D.
Chairman, Prasanthi Council
Sri Sathya Sai International Organisation