Mr. Deviesh Tankaria with the award


The Sathya Sai International Organisation (SSIO) congratulates Mr. Deviesh Tankaria for being awarded the prestigious British Empire Medal in the New Year’s 2018 Honours by Her Majesty, The Queen, for his voluntary services as the International Young Adults Coordinator of the SSIO. This award is being made as per recommendation of the British Prime Minister to The Queen.

This honour was officially announced by the St. James Palace, London, in the Crown newspaper, The London Gazette.

The SSIO is engaged in many programmes, including global education, healthcare and social service activities, and has initiated a programme called Serve the Planet. Deviesh, with the help of talented and dedicated young adults around the world, is leading a global environmental programme to encourage the protection, preservation and creation of a sustainable world for tomorrow. In addition, he and his team are actively participating in all the SSIO programmes.