Sathya Sai - Declaration of Avatarhood

This video presents the sequence of events that happened on October 20, 1940 when Sathya Sai declared:

I am no longer your Sathya. I am Sai. I am going. I don't belong to you. Maya has gone. My Bhakthas are calling Me. I have My Work. I can't stay any longer.

It is said that there are four stages of prayer. In the first stage, the devotee speaks and the Lord listens.  In the next stage, the Lord speaks and the devotee listens. In the third stage, the Lord and devotee both speak and both listen. In the last and the final stage, both don't speak, yet both listen. This historic day on October 20, 1940 was the first stage of prayer, because the devotees had called and the Lord had listened!