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Sanskrit/Hindi Songs

The Complete  Sanskrit/Hindi Devotional Song Book contains approximately 1169 pages of sheet music.  These songs are stored in a single file or individual files of approximately 100 pages each in a compressed Adobe Acrobat Portable Document File (PDF).  The songs are stored in a special way so that when you click on the link in the beginning of this paragraph, a window will appear on your screen that contains:

The table of contents (on the left) and
The first page of the sheet music "book" (on the right).
Click on any entry in the table of contents to have the corresponding page of sheet music appear to the right. You can then print that page. 

However, Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed onto your machine. This software is free. Download it and install it --but read the notes on our page Acrobat Problems and Fixes for some information on installation.

To Download these songs to your computer:

Download links are listed below. To download the Complete Sanskrit Devotional Song Book  or individual sections (Listed as sections 1-9) of the songbook to your computer for offline viewing (assuming it's a Windows system), RIGHT click your mouse button. Then,

Select: Save link as...         (if use use Netscape)
Select: Save target as...    (if you use Internet Explorer)
After you decide where on your computer you want the file, hit "SAVE" to download. Once the file is on your computer, double click on it to open it in Acrobat Reader. Now you can open these files from your computer at anytime. But remember, we do add new sheetmusic from time to time.

Complete Sanskrit Songbook Download

Downloads broken down into Sections of approximately 50-150 pages each or approximately 1.5 MB - 4.6 MB per document:

Section 1  Intro thru A Bhajans -   2367KBytes

Section 2  B Thru F Bhajans - 3672KBytes

Section 3  G Bhajans - 3692KBytes

Section 4  H Thru I Bhajans - 3410KBytes

Section 5  J Thru M Bhajans -  4630KBytes

Section 6  N thru P Bhajans -  4475KBytes

Section 7  R Bhajans -  3061KBytes

Section 8  S Bhajans - 3950KBytes

Section 9  T Thru Z Bhajans - 1588KBytes

For songs transcriptions that you do not see available here, they may be available directly from Dennis Neal.  Other songs that you wish to have transcribed for specific programs may be available or may be prepared specifically for your programs (as time and health permits) by Dennis Neal .  If you wish to contact him to help you with this...

Write to:   Dennis D. Neal 4851 NW 26th Court  #335; Lauderdale Lakes, FL  33313 U. S. A.  Phone: 954.497.1055   

or, Email:

Send finished material and RELEASE FORMS to: 

Devotional-Singing Service Project,  30969 Oak Hill Dr. Temecula, CA 92951 



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  • Download the Acrobat Reader Free at the Adobe Website:  Get Acrobat Reader