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Release Form
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Release Form


Release Form


The Sri Sathya Sai Official Website,

Devotional-Singing Service Project

Return this form to:

Devotional-Singing Service Project,  30969 Oak Hill Dr., Temecula, CA 92591


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I grant permission to the Sri Sathya Sai Organization, their representatives and others responsible for the Sri Sathya Sai Official Website's Devotional-Singing Service Project, to include the music listed below, on the Sri Sathya Sai Organization's Official web site. I wish to state that I am the owner of the copyright for these materials, and for that reason am granting permission for their use.

I understand that acknowledgements for the authorship for the words and music for the songs listed, and their copyrights, will be included on the musical transcripts.  I also understand that I will receive no royalties or any other monetary remuneration for the use of this material.

I further understand that the current Webmaster has the right to extend this permission for their use at official Sri Sathya Sai organizational center's throughout the world, for the purposes of group singing within the organization, with no financial remuneration from them as well.   This release does not grant permission for any commercial publication of this material in books or collections; but it does grant permission for preparing collections within the centers, for the purposes of group singing.

It is my understanding that all of the material contained on the Devotional-Singing Service Project's internet web pages for the Sri Sathya Sai Official Web site will retain their original copyrights; that their use on the site will only be by permission of the holder of the copyright; and that they may be used here at this web site for personal, private non-commercial use by other International Sathya Sai Organizations worldwide.

The web site will indicate that these songs are used with permission and they will be distributed only from this location.  The web pages will indicate that these may be printed out and/or downloaded for Non-commercial use only, and that they are available for use by any person, that may be interested and has an internet access. A notification will be placed on the web site, that all queries for other purposes, such as those for commercial use, should be directed to those persons who own the rightful copyright and that permissions will not be granted from here.



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Music List to include: (Please list)






Additional Amended Comments or Notes:



In the event of multiple authorships, revisions etc.,  where WORDS and MUSIC are co-authored or changed and resubmitted by another author, as in the following cases:

1) Separate individuals (e.g. WORDS by Phyllis Krystal and MUSIC by Katie Brown) OR

2) Co-authored Words (e.g. WORDS by Diane Wells and Janet Bock(Bicker)) AND/OR

3) Co-authored Music (e.g. MUSIC by Ulla D"urnfelder and Diane Wells)

4) Used by permission REVISIONS (such as: "I AM GOD, I AM GOD, I AM NO(T) DIFFERENT FROM GOD" . Here, original words by Sathya Sai Baba, Adapted for song by Susan Caffery; Revised by Al Drucker; Music by Susan Caffery. Revision used by permission of both Susan Caffery and Al Drucker. )

Please submit the following addendum to help clarify permissions granted for use on the Web:

1) "Words and Music by _____________";

2) "Words by _____________ and Music by____________"

3) "Words revised by______________ "

"(Revision used by permission of:

3A) author ___________ and

3B) revisor____________)";

4) "Music by __________";

5) "Music revised by ____________;

"(Music revision used by permission of

5A) original composer______________"; and

5B) revisor____________________)"

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