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How to Use this Page

  1. How to retrieve Devotional Songs
  2. Searching for a Devotional Song/Songs
  3. Viewing Prayers
  4. Back to Home
  5. How to Get Help
  6. How to Copy the Bhajans

1. How to retrieve Devotional Songs:

First, select the language and select a God's name, then click on "Select" button.  The Devotional Songs will appear on the window to the right.

2.  Searching for a Devotional Song/Songs:

Currently the search is limited to only the first line of the Devotional Song.   If you don't know the full First line, you can also search based on any words in the first line.

3. Viewing Prayers:

Select the prayer you would like to view, and click on "GO", it will appear in the right hand side window.

4. Back to Home:

Click on the button "Home" to go back to the home page.

5. How to Get Help:

Click on the button "Help" to get back to this page.

6. How to Copy the Bhajans:

After search or select the bhajans you want using above options 1 or 2, do the following:

  1. point the mouse on to the top of the bhajans
  2. Right click the mouse ("Right Button"), and select "Select All" option
  3. then, Right click the mouse again, and this time selec "Copy"
  4. Now, go to your word processor (Like MS Word, Wordperfect, or Notepad) and right click your mouse in the word processor and select "Paste".

If you have any recent versions of wordprocessors, you should get all the bhajans pre formatted as you see on the internet browser.