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Devotional Songs (8 Bhajans)


  1.   Gangadhara Gauri Mahesha
    Thripuraksha Jyothi Prakasha
    Haala Haaladhara Paramesha
    Chandra Shekara Sai Mahesha

    Meaning:   O Lord of Gauri, Lord Maheshwara! Thou illumine the entire universe with Thy third spiritual eye. Thou art holding holy river Ganga in Thy matted hair, wear moon as an ornament on forehead and hold Haalahal poison in Thy neck. (So it cannot spread all over the Universe).

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  2.   Gangadhara Hara Gangadhara Hara
    Gangadhara Hara Shankara
    Bhava Nasha Bhava Bhanja Vimochana
    Sathya Sai Shiva Shankara

    Meaning:   O Lord Sai! Thou art the destroyer of fear and bondage of birth and death and remover of obstacles.

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  3.   Gangadhara Hara Gauri Shiva
    Shambho Shankara Shambha Shivaya
    Brahma, Vishnu, Parameshwara Roopa
    Bhaktha Jana Priya Sai Kripaala

    Meaning:   O Lord of Gauri! Bearer of the holy River Ganga! Thou art loving, kind and merciful to devotees. Chant the many names of Lord: Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Sustainer and Nourisher), and Maheswara (Destroyer of Evils), Shambho Shankara and Shambha Shiva and Lord Sai.

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  4.   Gangadhara Hara Hara Shambho
    Vibhuthi Vibhuthi Shankara Sai Shambho
    Om Hara Hara Hara Hara Shambho
    Haala Haaladhara Hara Shambho
    Haala Haaladhara Sai Shambho

    Meaning:   This is a prayer to Lord Shiva who: Has the river Ganges on His head; Who has Vibhuti all over His body; Who swallowed the deadly poison ; Who is also our Lord Sai.

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  5.   Gangadhara Shiva Gangadhara
    > Hara Kailasa Naatha Prabhu Shankara
    Bhavanasha Bhava Bandha Vimochana
    Sathya Sai Shiva Shankara

    Meaning:   Shiva, the bearer of Ganges river, the Lord of Kailas mountain; He is the destroyer of worldly ties; He releases from bondage; He has taken the form of Sathya Sai.

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  6.   Hey Shiva Gangadhara Hey Putta Partheeshwara
    Narthana Sundara Gangadhara
    Natana Manohara Bimbaadhara ...(Hey Shiva)
    Deena Naatha Parthi Parthi Naatha Sai Prabhu
    Kripa Karo Raksha Karo Sai Prabhu
    He Shiva Shankara Sai Pralayankara
    Kripa Karo Raksha Karo Bhaktha Vatsala (2X)

    Meaning:   O Lord Shiva, dweller of Puttaparthi, the Cosmic dancer, You are the protector of the meek and the humble; You are the idol of Your devotees. Please bestow Your Grace on us.

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  7.   Shambho Mahadeva Mahadeva Gangadhara
    Shankara Shankara Sadaashiva
    Chandra Shekhara Sayeeshwara
    Sharanam Sharanam Shiva Shakteeshwara

    Meaning:   I surrender to the Lord of Lords, Lord Sai Nath Shambho, who has holy river Ganges in His matted hair and Moon as decoration on fore- head.

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  8.   Shambho Mahadeva Mahadeva Gangadhara
    Kailasa vasa Shiva Shankara (Shambho ...)
    Parvathi Ramana Parameshwara
    Parathpara Jageedshwara (2X)
    The next few lines are sung during the second round
    Karuna Sagara Mahadeva Mahadeva
    Prema Sutagnava Shankara
    Sahajaanandha Mahesha Shiva
    Hara Hara Hara Om Shankara
    Hara Hara Shiva Shankara
    Hara Hara Hara Abhyankara

    Meaning:   O Lord of Lords, Shiva - you have the river Ganges in your matted hair. You are the Lord of Kailasa and beloved by Parvathi. You are the ocean of Grace and Love.

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